handsome-man-kissing-blondeA man kisses with his soul

His kiss tells you how connected he is to you

His kiss tells you that you are his priority, his reason for being

A simple kiss on your hands means you make him happy

As he leans into you, he pulls you towards him because he want you a part of him

He kisses you in public because he’s proud of you

He kisses you deeply because you are his fantasycouple-kissing-in-the-rain

He kisses your neck because he wants to smell you and breathe you in

He pulls your waist into him because he wants to take you, right there and then

He kisses your belly because he adores your very essence and soul

He kisses the center of your chest because he loves you and wants to kiss your heart

He kisses your nipples because…no, he’s pretty much always gonna suck on those

He kisses you during sex to complete his connection with you

[Note: This post is dedicated to Rachel and Sheila because I want to kiss you both so hard right now! :-* <3  ]

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