Piss in Her Mouth

drinking-urine-from-cockSometimes laying in bed, the best thing about having a slave is…when I am too lazy to get up, I piss in her mouth instead.  After she processes my energy, she can get up to pee but I don’t need to.  See, you thought BDSM relationships didn’t have perks but you’d be so wrong.

Some reader may think, yeah, but you’re the Master! What about for her?!?  Well, she’s a slutty submissive slut.  She’s constantly hoping I will piss in her mouth. And it gives her the opportunity to try and blow me at the same time so she gets some more action. Slaves are awesome. I don’t know why anyone would choose to live without one.

‘Cause pissing in a slave’s mouth instead of getting up at night is the most convenient thing ever.

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