Bioniix: Stops Herpes from Spreading

bioniix-in-jeansI posted about a month ago “wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of spray that you could use to protect you from sexually transmiitted diseases like herpes”…well, the world is a marvelous place and there is now just such a product.  Bioniix just started a website announcing a sexual cleaning spray that you can use after sex to kill off viruses such as herpes and HPV.  (I know there’s a stigma against talking about this subject at all but talking about it could prevent people from catching it!) It was launched in 2016 so it’s brand new.

And you can buy it here: Bioniix website.

Specifically, Bioniix is a small bottle of a product which targets and kills these viruses that are on your skin. What you do is you spray the Bioniix on your junk after sex and basically wash with it…and it will kill viruses and protect you from infection. Apparently it takes about 30 minutes for herpes and HPV to make it through your skin and contact nerve cells where they can infect you — and if you use this spray, it will kill the virus and prevent infection. So Bioniix is the first product I’ve seen that actually protects people from herpes and prevents it from spreading.

This is a really neat breakthrough as prior to there, barriers such as condoms and dental dams were the

only way to protect yourself from such sexually transmitted infections.  But the problem is, condoms don’t cover every area and ANY skin to skin contact between the infected person and the box-of-bioniixmucous membranes where the virus can take hold… can lead to an infection.  I don’t have any of the exact stats but people using condoms can catch herpes and commonly do.  So the best way to protect yourself is to use the bioniix spray just after sex and make sure that you kill the virus.

A small bottle of bioniix is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse and can protect you or your partner from a potential lifelong sexually transmitted infection. Considering that herpes is for life…the $19.99 price tag for a bottle that you can use a bunch of times to wash with…that seems like a really solid idea to me.  Also, the more people that use this product, the less people will have these diseases! It’s a big win for everyone!

Consider that 530 million people have genital herpes (HSV-2) and another 300M women have HPV…that’s a whole lot of mines in the minefield.  And Bioniix is like a minesweeper. So I am going to get my hands on a sample and test it out for you to see if it tastes funny or anything off like that 😉

This product is especially useful for vacations or any form of one night stand — it’s an absolute must have to protect yourself — and make sex more enjoyable and worry free.  Additionally, if you are unfortunate enough to have already contracted herpes…bioniix is a great way to protect your partner. And this is the first product that I’ve seen that actually protects people from herpes. So that’s a very good thing.

Just for the piece of mind, I think this product is worth it.  Oh, and if anyone has used it already, please

comment about your experience.


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