Coming Out Song — and Bisexual video too

This is a great little song for gay people to send to anyone to let them know that they are gay — for example, send this to your grandmother to explain things.

My favorite comment is a girl losing it at the other retarded YouTube comments about how she can’t be gay because she is a girl.  So just to clarify: gay technically means homosexual and if a girl only has sex with other girls…she’s gay. You may call her a lesbian and you’d also be right. All lesbians are gay but not all gays are lesbians.

But not everyone is gay. A lot of people are bisexual and I don’t want to leave anyone out as bisexuals are often overlooked.   My favorite from comments are: she’s on “team everyone is cute” and “it’s kind of like how you can be attracted to anyone regardless of hair color. I feel that way about gender.”

So many bisexuals are the most awesome because they are totally stealth and camouflage as they can relate to gays, lesbians and straight people so no one really knows 😉

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