I Am a Sex Addict

how-to-undo-braI’ve always known I liked sex. Even before I knew what sex was, I wanted it. I clearly  remember being 4 years old and going into the girls change room with my mom…and looking around with wonder. Everywhere were young naked girls. Girls nude and wet in the shower. And I was hooked.

I remember seeing a hot young teen girls ass and I had to — HAD TO — go pinch it. She screamed and turned around in rage…and I laughed so hard I fell down.

They no longer allow me in the girls change room, sadly.

But I want sex all the time. I fuck my slave twice in the morning and when she goes to work…I can’tshower-girls-in-towels
help but look at porn and touch myself.

I love fucking her in the ass. I love having threesomes because there is more girls to enjoy and spread my endless energies upon.

I love porn because even if there isn’t someone around — I can still be a part of fucking.

Girls make everything look sexy. Hot and pretty.

Sometimes in public, I have thoughts about just pulling out my cock and cumming on people’s faces.guy-removing-white-bra

I see a girl walking down a hallway with a certain sway that tells me she’s ovulating — and I just want to grab her and take her down. Take her, right there in the hallway. What better way to introduce myself.

couple-about-to-have-sexI can be bold and confident because I want to fuck and why be shy about it?  You see…I am a sex

I can’t lay in bed and sleep without cumming. I wake up in the morning and want to fuck. I may be suffering from sex addiction but damn it…that is who I am. And fucking is the best thing in this cruel world.

I need someone who will stay home and fuck…all the time. Thank GOD for sex slaves! <3

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