Give Me Your Body

Give me your flesh


That I may abuse it
See the red marks rise
And know that you are mine

Give me your mind
Let me guide you to new heights
New lows of perversion
And help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be

Give me your trust
I’ve earned it, slowly over time
I won’t let you down
And your trust in me makes me up my game

Give me your fluids
Your cum squirting all over the bed
Your drooling spit from deep-throating my cock
Your piss as I play with your pussy making it so hard to pee
Your blood — because I’m not going to stop fucking you 1/4 of the time

Yes give me everything you can: body, mind, spirit, trust and heart.
I will bruise your body — I guarantee that
Yet the rest I will polish and cherish far more than any boyfriend
As you are mine and I like you strong.

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