Michigan Gives Life Sentence for Hetero Anal Sex


Put them in jail for life!

Sadly, this is not a joke or an exaggeration.  Anal sex can get you life behind bars in Michigan. Earlier this week, I posted about how Michigan passed an anti-anal sex and anti-oral sex law –though I forgot to mention that the penalty for having anal sex or giving a blow job was 15 years in jail!!! This is for both homosexual and heterosexual sex.  Here’s my original post on the ban on anal and oral sex in Michigan (it was bundled in with a law against cruelty and abuse of animals.)   Anyway, reason has prevailed, along with the New Civil Rights movement  -which is the advocacy arm of the state’s LGBT advocacy organization “Equality Michigan“.

Equality Michigan vocally opposed this unconstitutional law and attempted to have the Michigan house remove the sodomy ban language from the animal rights bill passed last week. Logan’s Law, a law designed to protect animals from abuse including bestiality included language which broadly banned oral and anal sex as well.   In response, the Michigan house changed the wording of the law from basically any person (as in, namely a homosexual!) to ‘a sexually delinquent person at the time of the offence.  But worse, they changed the sentence for such an offence to a maximum of LIFE imprisonment!

Let that sink in…if you are a sexual delinquent — which I assume includes all those poor souls whom have been labelled sex offenders for peeing in


Life in jail for you both, perverts!

public — and you have anal sex or receive a blowjob in Michigan from a consenting adult…you could sent to jail for life. How fucked is that?!?  They took the wording of an already unconstitutional and puritanical law and made it broader and harsher.

Here is the amended law:



The bill will be voted on this Tuesday.   If you live in Michigan…make some noise about this before this insane law gets passed!

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