Why Young Teens Are Convicted of Making Child Porn

hot-selfie-girlSo I was listening to the CBC news on the radio today and they were talking about a small group of 13 to 15 year old teenagers on a relatively remote island in Ontario being arrested for child pornography. You see, someone had a unique feature on their their phone apparently: a camera.  And they took a picture of their girlfriend. Naked. Even more unbelievable, this young man actually showed it to his friends! I mean, who’d be able to predict that?!??!

Well, somehow the police got involved and ended up laying federal charges on these boys because hey, child porn is a very serious crime!  And I have to say, “What. The. Fuck.”  Seriously.  WTF?!?  We are arresting children and throwing them into the criminal justice system by using laws that were drafted to protect children!  These insane actions are delivering a very clear and extremely scary message to these children:  SEX IS BAD. YOUR BODY IS EVIL. NUDITY IS WRONG. YOU ARE THE WORST SINNERS EVER.

Is that really the healthy, sex positive lesson we want to be conveying to our children??  You should also know that this is FAR from an isolated event.  Did you know that the majority of child porn ‘busts’ are laid on children under the age of 18?  I will say that whooper again: the epidemic of child porn and associate arrests is from the children themselves.  They are not being exploited or being taken advantage of…they are exploring their own sexuality and using the tools at their disposal. I mean, you know that word ‘selfie’ is a thing, right?  And just try and pry a smart phone out of the hands of a teenager — you will unleash a dragon! It’s not possible be cause their phone is their life.

Oh, unless you convict said young teenager of a child porn crime (no pun intended).  Then, you completely fuck them socially — by pretty-teen-with-phonedenying them their life blood of any access to the internet, computers, smart phones, Xboxes and ‘any other device that has memory or the ability to access the internet’.  WHAT? This is essentially ostracizing the teens from the community and banishing them forever.  Or at least 5-10 years or so… which will so destroy them socially that any prison term is a joke in comparison.

Why are we attacking our teenagers so brutally for something as simple as taking a picture of themselves? Is the human body that fucking bad? And what the fuck happens at 18 years old that is so fucking magical? Nothing. No…it’s our laws that are completely the lives ruining lives they were intended to protect.

The United States is even worse for this problem of arresting those under 18 for child porn … with well over 50% of the people arrested being under 18 themselves.  But in Canada we are arresting children too–  this happened today (Feb. 5th, 2016) and the previous Canadian case I found was just 25 days prior (on January 11th, 2016) and I barely looked. Now we tell youth that they are not old enough or responsible enough to understand the consequences of nude modelling if they are under 18…so it stands to reason that they also don’t understand the consequences of sharing a photo that they took of their girlfriend or boyfriend.  The law on this subject have to change — and as fast as possible as we are ruining lives just as these teens are starting to understand their own identity.  And we are forcibly transforming that identity from, “Guy with a cute gf that he loves” –> “Sex criminal” and that is just wrong.

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