Complete Guide to Sex

This complete sex guide includes lots of good tips and fact that are useful — and it is presented in a straightforward, no nonsense sort of way. It’s a great guide to sex for those curious people out there who are just dipping their toes in the water for the first times and if you are just beginning your sexual career, you should definitely watch this.  But more experienced fuckers out there could definitely learn a thing or two as well.

Other stuff you beginners should know:   if the sex you have doesn’t look and feel like porn…don’t be in the slightest bit surprised.  If it does look like porn — it shouldn’t.  Not your first times anyway.)  And porn is athletic sex…it’s like sport sex.  But that is only one style of many — and guys, the girl will think it’s odd that your constantly changing positions unless it feels right.

Anyway,  this is a pretty thorough sex guide that is over 4 hours long. ENJOY!

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