I am a Sadist

small-girl-torturedI’m a sadist.

You might think that means, “I am heartless and unfeeling”.  A sadist isn’t (necessarily) a sociopath unable to sense or appreciate emotions or to feel them himself.  Nothing could be further from the truth. I love seeing you in pain because it opens you up to me.  It makes you vulnerable and yet the relationship is tender — and full of trust. It makes me feel alive and connected to you.

It’s not that I don’t care about you. It’s that I crave to see you at my mercy…so that can possess you more fully.  If I don’t care about you…I won’t want to hurt you.  If I do, I will crave seeing those cute little tears streaming down your face.  And it also makes me open up to you. You see, I too am vulnerable when I am inflicting pain.  I can’t share this with everyone…barely 10% of girls get it at all.  But you do.  And that makes me melt.

As I beat you, I feel like I can trust you more.  That I can share this deep, dark, perverted part of myself. I blonde-naked-slaveneed to know that its ok. No, I need to know that what I want is what you deeply desire — as it makes me feel a real connection with you. My thoughts of abusing you and torturing you as what you crave too. And that’s what makes you mine…and makes me addicted to you.

I crave for you to say to every one of my perversions…so that I may feel whole and at one with you. Never telling me ‘no’ but instead filling my ears with enthusiastic ‘yeses’ is the sweetest gift that you can give. You are a wet little pain slut craving all I can give.

I need to feel your physical pain — because I thrive on it. But it has to be pain that I control. I common misconception is that sadists like all pain.  But if you slip twist your ankle and hobble about…that pain sucks for me. That’s bad pain.  Good pain is me clamping your pussy so tight and then harshly knocking the clips of your cunt with a whip so marks are left and you are sore for days.  That’s good pain…because it is pain from me. Pain that you know is controlled by me. Inflicted by me.

The more you trust me, the more you allow me to do. And the more I can DO to you.  It’s win-win, really.   I feel just as energized by your tears as you do.  But again, I don’t crave the tears flowing from things uncontrolled, from emotional pain — though I suppose that’s just me. I am sure there are emotional sadists out there…but the only tears I want to see from you are from physical pain. And when the tears are flowing like rivers and your are completely opened up and vulnerable…that is when I want to fuck you most.clothespeg-tortured-slave

I want to see your eyes filled with tears…and fear…as I enter you and consume you entirely. I want you to feel like you are my prey and can do nothing at all to stop me, ever.  And I won’t stop.

And that’s exactly what you asked for.


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