Sex Things You Shouldn’t Investigate

blonde-relaxing-bikiniThe age of the internet allows access to all kinds of sex stuff that you never imagined would be a thing…from clowns, people having sex with balloons or cantaloupes.  people aroused by trees…and of course furries.  But it also means there are a number of things out that once seen, can’t be unseen.

Let’s start off with something tame.  How about searching Spider Porn because if you’re not going to search for something….you might as well not for investigate something tame, right?

Another tame thing to hold back from  researching cute-pink-pantieswould be goatse because apparently some people
don’t like looking at this kind of thing.

Another example of things not worth investigating would be googling the images for “Blue Waffle” …it sounds like a blueberry waffle — something yummy to eat for breakfast.  But, no, you should not search this one. If you’re thinking something yummy to eat for breakfast, it’ll be a landmine.

Another sex thing that is so not sexy that you probably shouldn’t search it would be ‘lemon party’…. you can take you blueberry waffle and squeeze some fresh lemon juice on it, right? Yum!

Hmmm…what else should you never search?  You probably don’t want to see “4 girls fingerpaint” because fingerpainting is gross.  It’s best not to be curious about this one.

What else could teach you that curiosity killed the cat?  “Tub Girl”… just don’t do find the video for tub girl.  I like to see hot babes in the tub all wet and sexy as much as the next guy…but “Tub


4 girls!

girl” is a bit much.

Now, a list like this should be obligated to include “2 girls 1 cup” but you already have seen that and know that you shouldn’t watch that one.

And my #1 pick for ‘what to never investigate is “glass ass”  because this one is the worst.

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