Weirdest Sex Laws

naked-girl-prisonersMore on my Sex and the Law series…so weird sex related laws:

In Hong Kong, the law states that a woman has the right to kill her husband if she catches him cheating…but only if she kill him with her bare hands.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin put a law in place that makes it illegal to tell children that gay people exist.

In Liverpool, UK, it is illegal for a woman to be topless: unless she is working a clerk… in a tropical fish store.

In London, UK,  you can’t have sex on a parked motorcycle :'(

In Lebanon, it is legal for men to have sex with animals…as long as the animal is female.

In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, you can’t have sex with a mother and daughter at the same time :'(

In Cali, Columbia, mothers are required to watch their daughters lose their virginity on their wedding night. (it’s lucky this isn’t also in Santa Cruz!!)

Weird American Sex Laws
In Oxford, Ohio it is illegal for a woman to strip naked while looking at a photo of a man.

In Minnesota, it is illegal to sleep naked.  Fuck me. I can’t sleep in Minnesota??!?

In Arkansas, there is a law still on the books that states, “A man can beat his wife, but only once a month.”  This law was first passed in the 1800s which was a time where…a monthly beating was seen as part of a healthy BDSM relationship…but only once a month.

In Florida, it is illegal to dream about another man’s wife.  This seems like a really hard one to get a prison-guard-anal-baton
conviction on — even if you dream about fucking her senseless every night. But is also illegal for a man to kiss his wife’s breasts. :'(

In Montana, you can marry your wife via a proxy if you are in the military. That means that a buddy can ‘marry’ your wife for you if you can’t attend the wedding yourself.

In South Carolina, it is illegal to make a wedding proposal if you don’t really mean it — as long as you are over 16.

In both Virginia and Wyoming it is illegal to tickle women.

In Washington, it is illegal to have sex with a virgin under any circumstances… including her wedding night.

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