Creating a Slave Ceremony


The ceremony I am doing is not for a digital world, however

I am currently in the process of drafting a slave ceremony to initiate a new slave — and also to have on hand for future slave girls too.  The thing is, it is growing to epic proportions. There is so much I wish to say about the entire institution of slavery and the relationship that we are embarking upon…that I think it shouldn’t be done in just one level.

Why are multiple levels important? If I give her the entire ceremony (in say….an hour or two) then most of the lessons and wisdom imparted during the ceremony will be lost. It is simply too much.  No, I think it’s best to create several tiers of initiation. So she can grasp it fully and even memorize some of the stuff from the previous ceremony to ‘pass’ on to the next level and prove that she is worthy.

So creating a section where she has to recite prior learnings…is making the whole project even longer!

Also, I will have to indoctrinate my currently active slave in these ceremonies first! As I wrote the
ceremony — I found it useful to have another slave present to assist me.

Anyway, I find this all a worthwhile project — and let me know if you’d be interested in reading the final product when I’m done! (I may not post it, however, as it is a secret and sacred ceremony.)  Anyways, I am seriously considering collaring this little slut.  Of course, I will have to discuss this first with my current slave — but collaring could also be a part of the ceremony — or at least one of the levels of the ceremonies.


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