How to Love Anal

metal-anal-sex-hookWell anal sex is a thing that many people want to try– but do it badly and so don’t properly enjoy it.  Just ‘doing’ anal sex is not enough. You gotta love it!

And I do mean love it! The sphincter is an involuntary muscle and will respond to your stressed out state…or to your state of relaxation and really wanting it.   And this can make the difference between a painful experience and something utterly orgasmic…so which would you prefer?

Now you have to ask yourself, “why do I want to do anal?”  Personally, I’d prefer the answer of, “I

really want to be a well rounded, 3 hole slut.”  If you are doing it strictly to please your partner…you need to work on your motivation. This is about your pleasure. Fucking own that.


If you have a partner who is ‘very enthusiastic’ and you are feeling pressured to perform…that’s putting stress on you and just might be causing your ass to slam shut — and then when anything tries to go up there it feel uncomfortable.  Worse, you have no experience with it feeling good to fall back on…and the who experience crashes and burns.

So how do you overcome the ‘pressuring parter?  Say, ‘fuck off already.”  And then learn to masturbate and touch your ass at the same time.  Learn what feels good to you.  When there is no one else around and plenty of time — so there’s no pressure.  You can just relax and explore: see what it feels like and figure out what feels good to you.

Things you should know:
1) You can never have too much lube.  Use tons. Often
2) Start small and work your way up.  A small trainer is great to get going and used to the idea of something in your butt. Wear it while you masturbate and even get used to wearing it out doing other stuff.  Very soon, like in a few days, you will be able to graduate up to a larger size.  Then do the same with this…and work your way up to an even bigger size.  In less than a month you could take a huge monster if you wanted to. Easily.  It isn’t that hard — as 95% of this is mental. Your ass will stretch out easily.
3) Get used to playing with toys that are a fair bit thicker than your partner.  The bigger the toys you play with in private, the easier it will be take him up your ass.
4) There is no rush. Start slow and wait for your butt to ‘acclimatize’
5) Enemas are great for cleaning things out so it’s less shitty…but don’t use an enema immediately before play as it removes all the mucous from the mucous membranes and generally makes bikini-asses-5-girlsthings a little more tender…so wait an hour or so.

But the main thing is:  enjoy it! This is about your pleasure. Focus on that and only that. Figure out what feels good for you and do it because it feels amazing.  That’s why girls I know have gotten addicted to anal sex…not to ‘please their partner’ (which smacks of bullshit) but because they love it.

Finally, you should know that energetically speaking, anal sex opens up a different chakra than regular sex. So anal orgasms feel very different. And very good.  Sometimes the feeling of ‘this is too rough and intense’ breaks open and blossoms into a shattering orgasm.  So hang on for the ride.

And if you get really good at anal, you can even learn to play golf:



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