Open Letter to 18 Year Old Boys

cougar_and_cubOn 18 year old boys who claim to be Alpha dominants — and them feeling they can satiate the needs of an older cougar is…so blatantly optimistic.  Do you sent a single minnow to feed a shark?  I feel sad for all the unsatisfied cougars who hoped their young boy toy would have cum with some skills.

An 18 year old boy would be wise to know that a 30s and early 40s woman is at her sexual peak. But unlike himself, she has literally decades of sexual experience — mostly with guys vastly more experienced than himself.  Yes, you may be at your sexual peak, but can you deliver? How many times have you actually gone down on a woman? 4?  (omg, 14? Really? You are practically a pro!!) And she’s not going to be in the slightest

bit impressed with you finding the clitoris and then employing the alphabet technique — hell, even if she cums once she’s not gonna be impressed.  You have to deliver Earth-shattering orgasms and do so frequently….just ‘making her cum’ is nowhere near enough.   She is a tigress and the only reason you are with her is…she is hungry.

So be warned: she doesn’t want ‘an orgasm’ where she whimpers and it ends with a sigh…she wants to claw at the sheets, screaming at the top of her lungs as she fills the air with shejaculate.  And if you don’t, you know she’ll be using her vibe in frustration after she skillfully removes you from her apartment.

The point is: don’t act like you know everything and that you can miraculously quench all her sexual energy.  Be there to learn and serve and touch her all over her body — enjoying the entire process.  Don’t make a beeline to her clit as if you’ll earn a medal for finding it first. Find her skin — which is all over her body.  And worship it.  Then let her take the lead and teach you some fucking lessons.


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