Slavery: the games

puttan-boardgameThere are boardgames and video games that inolve sex slavery…let’s take a look.  There is Puttanopoly (an Italian game of Whoreville) that plays roughly like Monopoly.  Each prostitute starts the game penniless and having just signed a slavery contract which has them agreeing to pay their pimps 90% of their earnings.

Prostitutes can win by getting a paid trip to work in Amsterdam and getting rescued by a client who falls in love with her.   But to do this, they have to dodge battering pimps, serial killers, police, and try to find enough cash to pay for their apartment while paying their pimp.

There is also this terrible looking (and obviously prototype boardgame on sex slavery but I could find
nothing about the rules.   I can see that self-esteem is one of the card piles in the photo.

The video trailer below is not for a real video game…but this is apparently a real link to a free space pimp game (that i have not downloaded due to concerns about viruses and the file sizes seem off to me…but if it is safe, let me know!)


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