Introducing 2 Slaves to Each Other

sexy-garters-and-stockingsI recently had joyful experience of having 2 slaves meet each other for the first time — I have owned and collared one of the slaves (ashlie) for 8 years now and the other is a girl new girl that I am quite fond of.  I had previously screened the new girl: ensuring that she is okay with being bisexual and poly-amorous — and shown her photos of my sweet little ashlie to prime her engine and get her exited about meeting her.  Actually, I had spoken to each of them about the other (during sex too) to make them each excited for the meeting.  But still I was nervous.

Why was I nervous? Because it is really really important to me that my slave girls get along. And intellectually, they can say, ‘I am totally excited to meet her and have sex with her’ but it is still like a blind date where sometimes chemistry just clashes.

I had bought them both new corsets for the meeting…because they should both be wearing pretty new corsets and garters so each of them feels at their sexiest. In truth, the new girl told me that she was intimidated by the beauty of ashlie and she was really worried that she would like her.  I get that. But my sweet little noob has a flat little belly, great legs and a pretty face…so I wasn’t too concerned. If she weighed like…140+ lbs I might be concerned but she’s considerably smaller than that so I was sure that Ash would appreciate her too.

So how is it that I introduced them to each other? I invited them over and we sat down and had a drink of lemonade on the front porch and talked about politics. Just kidding! I had Ash blindfolded and wearing a corset and stockings (but no underwear) and standing in the ‘at ease’ position. When the new girl arrived…let’s called her ‘padme’ — not because she is Indian (she’s Caucasian) but because her pussy is the best tasting lotus flower I have ever experienced.  I am serious…padme  has the tastiest pussy ever! It’s like crack! (Pun intended)…anyway, when padme arrived she was wearing her new black corset and stockings as I had instructed.  I quickly blindfolded her before leading her inside.

I then had ashlie get down on her hands and knees with her ass spread in the air. And then I guided padme down to ashlie’s tender little asshole and made her stick out her tongue so that her tongue licked Ash’s tender bud.   I guided her head a little closer so that blindfolded padme could properly stick her tongue deep up ashlie’s asshole.

I then had padme turn around and stick her ass up in the air for ashlie — and then I guided ashlie to return the favor, careful not to let any part of their bodies touch until Ash’s tongue was inside padme’s asshole.

And so, the very first place that they touched each other, for the very first time was the tip of their tongues to each other’s assholes.

After that, I stood them both up and touched each of their bare, hairless pussies to check the moisture content…both of them were dripping. Perfect.

It was now time for them to kiss each other — to share the flavor of each other’s assholes.  They

Ash and Padme’s actual first kiss
(ash is wearing a corset still but it
is hard to see and slipped down
to expose her boobies <3 )

kissed…and the sparks flew.  Both of them dove into each other and kissed each other passionately. Wonderful. I love it when kittens get along. Keep in mind that they were both blindfolded still…and had never laid eyes on each other.

It was now time for them to see each other. And I do mean see. I stood them face to face and started talking to them booth in a soothing way about how they were about to meet their slave sister — and how I wanted them to gaze into each other’s eyes for an extended time without looking away. I unblindfolded them both at the same time and they simply gazed into each other’s eyes…and each girl smiled at the other. I then spoke a lot of loving words — I kind of wish I had recorded what I had said. But the inspiration behind my words was based on Buddhist/Tantric eye gazing exercises where the eyes are the windows to the soul — and also past experiences with eye gazing where I believe you cannot gaze into someone else’s eyes for 5 minutes without ‘joining’ with them somehow and falling a little bit in love with them.

closeup-kiss-3-peopleSo I guided them to open their eyes, their hearts and souls to each other. To accept the new girl as her sister, her lover and friend.

“This girl is just like you and you now have a new sister to love and support you. There is no competition with her because she is your lover. Look deep into her eyes. See her very soul. It is beautiful. Sometimes she is scared and has failures…just like you. But there is no need to hide anything from her. She understands that you are not perfect and yet both of you are perfect in your own way. See the girl before for what she is…and love her. Open your heart to her and let your hearts connect.  Feel your souls connecting through your eyes. And accept it all as a beautiful blessing.”
Well, after 5 minutes of eye gazing, these two were in love. I could feel it! They were giggling like schoolgirls and we all celebrated with a series of most joyful 3-way kisses.
In truth, this was the meeting that I had planned…but the results had exceeded my expectations. That was the last that any of us worried about ‘getting along’ and the following 36 hours were filled with remarkable hedonism that were flavored by this wonderful introduction.
Note: I recently reread this post…Padme haha…I was thinking, who the fuck is Padme?!!? That is Pumpkin!!!

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