New Website Distractions


Notice how her ass says, “SLUT”. Sweet paddle! Okay, maybe it took me too long to get that to look right haha

I have decided to create a new website ( but unfortunately, I have been focused creating that and moving this blog over there — that I haven’t posted in far too long. Worse, the new website isn’t even close to up so don’t bother checking it out just yet.

I am planning on making a bunch of changes which will improve the blog considerably – and I am going to add a store too! Which is exciting for me mostly because I want to have a store where  I only sell awesome stuff.  I am not particularly concerned with making money as I can’t imagine this website would significantly increase my considerable income — but I am wanting to have a place where I can sell the wonderful kinky items I know are the best of quality. That and some awesome t-shirts and clothing that have a definitely kinky bend to them.

I am also thinking of switching to using my artwork and drawing of slave girls — which is turning into a bit of an epic undertaking too as …well, I will need a LOT of images :/

So no, I haven’t disappeared…far from it! I am still working on this site and posting my kinking adventures (I will post about something that happened to me this July…ummm…tomorrow. Yes, it happened this month, it should go up this month!)

Also, I have been a wee bit distracted with a combination of 2 slaves and a heavy workload — and rather than write about it, I have been opting for tying girls up in the dungeon 😉

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