Becoming an Artist

Becoming an Artist 1In my decision to move this kink blog to my own website on an independent url where I have complete control, I have been busy creating my own content and images for every page.  This is, as it turns out, a massive undertaking! I am making all sorts of kink friendly, BDSM images and finding my own artwork style — but it is a real challenge.

Also, I have gotten permission to use some of the excellent artwork of a couple of artists that I will feature on the new site.  Additionally, I am struggling with drawing realistic looking latex.  I love how shiny and sexy latex is…but getting it right by drawing it is damn difficult. I am working on it and still finding my own style, but it is a great challenge.

However, I am also discovering that I absolutely adore creating artwork with sexy women, especially in a fetish context. Oh, an making squirting look good is also a challenge. Similar to making latex look shiny, drawing female ejaculate flying out of a wet pussy without disappearing into the background and looking weird…well, let’s just say I am still figuring that one out. :/

Here is an early example of my work, but I am still finding my legs. :p  If anyone has feedback on what they like or not about this, please let me know!

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