Giving a good Ejob

Giving good ejob is hard these days…especially when most people don’t know what an ejob is.  Well, an ejob is blowjob given over the internet.  What? How do you give a bj over the internet??  Well, thanks to the creative people at the adult site ‘CamSoda’, they offer a new service called ‘Blowcast’.  This service allows an ‘actress’ to perform a blowjob on a dildo with sensors in it and then those signals are sent, through the miracle of the internet, to the electronic cockstroker that you have placed firmly over your wiener.

Yes, the age of teledildonics is upon us. So an ejob is using teledildonics to electronically transmit a blowjob over the internet. Yes, with the power of a webcam and streaming adult sites, she can blow you while you watch and finally, highly skilled oral practitioners will get properly rewarded for their skills.  Yes, watch her on your laptop as she gives you an ejob.

How much is this electronic blowjob sleeve?  Well, it’s a steal at $250 if you consider that all blowjobs are free for the first month and $1 afterward.  Seriously…this seems too cheap. Then again, look at the supported teledildonics ejob masturbator, Kiiroo’s Onyx sleeve,  and the comments on Amazon are not exactly wild praise.  “Poorly implemented”, “a disappointment from the start” and “the main function of the device is useless”.  

A few additional concerns I have are…how do I know this isn’t just a pre-recorded blowjob? What if
the girl just pretends to be giving the best head that this service can provide? Worse, what if a hacker gets control of the sleeve and decides to bite?? :'(

This is obviously the first step in an industry that will eventually get it right…but it sounds to me like there is an awful lot of bugs to get out. Transmitting a blowjob accurately can’t be easy or we’d already have sex toys that can do a decent job at it. I can’t imagine this device gives anything approaching an average blowjob given by one of my sex slaves.

On the plus side, with the advent of ejobs, you are guaranteed to be safe from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, girls, this one is for you! You can submit your bj!

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