Reverse 3 Days -Day 1

My two slaves are to be tasked with taking a normally dominant man and treating him, along with themselves, as a slave who will be subject to an intense 3 days of sex. In my absence, the girls will take this man and attempt to convert him into a Cock: a slave who’s entire existence and purpose is in his cock.

The slaves will make a list of the worst punishments that could be inflicted upon them, stored in sealed envelopes. If they are judged to have failed in properly enforcing these guidelines over the full 3 days, the envelopes shall be opened and the slaves punished severely.

10 Rules for the 3 days:

1) A timer shall be set, to ring once ever hour, on the hour. Every hour, each slave will drink 1 glass of water between 8am and 9pm.
2) Slaves will only urinate in the Cock’s mouth, or alternatively in each other’s mouths. The slaves and the Cock will not use a toilet except for poop.  The Cock will only pee through a hard on: potentially while being jerked off or blown by a slave  while peeing in the mouth of one of the slaves,

she can then spit it out into a bowl.
3) Every drop of cum shall be shared and then swallowed.  If the Cock cums in a slave’s anus, he or the other slave will lick it out of the anus and potentially share it once or twice with kisses before it is swallowed.
4) The Cock will only cum with permission and while ordered by a slave. Failure to cum may result in the Cock being punished. The Cock will flex his PC muscles and prevent every possible drop of cum from exiting his cock if proper permission has not been granted.
5) As few exits for pee exist in this system of slaves, showers/baths will be taken daily and peeing will be permitted in a way where it is not swallowed but simply peed onto someone else. That person must be masturbating.
6) Porn will be shown to the Cock at all times and all of his attention put on porn. The slaves will select suitable porn and make every effort to encourage the Cock to visualise having all manner of sexual relations with any individuals shown in the porn.  The goal should be to make the Cock as lustful as possible for the girls shown to him and to constantly imagining having sex with them and the slaves in an orgy.
7) Slaves may and shall use the cock of the Cock at every opportunity, day or night without consideration of the Cock’s sleep requirements. A slave may and is encouraged to order the other slave to frequently perform perverse sexual which will be considered allowable deviations from the daily plans listed below.
8) The Cock will be bound to the bed at all times with the exception of brief release periods so that he can fuck a slave instead of being ridden, or for trips to the bathroom (see point 5). Additionally, a hand may be freed in order to make the Cock masturbate.
9) The Cock will eat food exclusively from the anuses of the slaves.  This requires that only phallic foods or creative alternatives like whip cream be his diet for the entire 3 days.
10)  The slaves shall maintain a level of intensity and focus to see that the Cock is constantly in sexual use or briefly recovering from sexual use. The goal should be to make the Cock beg for mercy and relief yet that mercy shall not be given. At the end of the 3 days, the Cock should be completely and utterly sexually spent.  If the Cock is unable to perform sexually with hard ons, he shall be anally pleasured.  If he fails to maintain proper focus on porn, masturbation and worse, if he begs for sexual rest: spanking, clamps (moved every 5 minutes), cock rings, floggers and scratchng may be employed to ensure he obeys.   This an be a brief form of relief from the constant sexual attention.

Day 1
The first day will be characterized by little or no cumming at all.  The Cock will be brought to near forced to mastubate constantly when not otherwise engaged.
orgasm as often as possible and will
8am– The slaves both drink a large glass of water. They then bind the Cock to the bed with the underbed restraints.
8:05am– The slaves put on the very first porn selection and begin with a dual blowjob
8:30am– The Cock is reminded that he cannot cum without permission and the slaves begin tagging off on the blow jobs that keep him hard and close to cumming without being allowed to blow his load. Tagging off between blowjobs shall last 1.5 hours.
10am -For rest, the Cock shall be anally penetrated and a butt plug left in his anus for at least 1 hour.  The blowjobs shall continue, swapping girls every 15 minutes. If the Cock should cum, the blowjobs shall continue unrelenting, even though his cock will become extremely sensitive and he will try and buck the slaves off.
Noon- Lunch break.  The slaves feed the Cock lots of frozen fruits, directly out of their asses. Any time the Cock has to pee, he must piss in one of the slaves mouths who then spits it into a bowl.
12:30pm–  The Cock shall have a hand released and made to masturbate to porn while the slaves take turns supervising him and speaking into his ear about the thoughts he should be having towards the porn girls.  This will go on for 3 hours, the slaves swapping in an out as required. If the Cock accidentally cums, the slaves will say, “Keep the cum inside you! FLEX! Don’t squirt any out.” so that the Cock keeps his energy in. He will then continue to touch himself.  The slaves, with their regular drinking of water, will use his mouth liberally for enjoying oral sex as they piss in the Cock’s mouth as required. The slaves will also masturbate beside him.
3:30pm– Snack time. The Cock shall be untied and have a supervised pee break where the slaves decide how he shall piss through a hard on as they pleasure his cock constantly making peeing very difficult.
4pm– The Cock shall still be untied and put on all fours. The slaves will take turns having their asses eaten out by the Cock while the other eats out his ass and sticks fingers up his ass. Some snacks will be put in a slave’s ass so the Cock shall be fed.
4:30 The Cock will masturbate again. The slaves will take turns inserting things and fingers into each other’s asses and then into each person’s mouth, so the cock will have many sample tastes of each slave’s asses. The slaves will each tell the Cock stories about how he will have to do this with every girl in the porn that is showing
5pm– The Cock will masturbate as he watches the slaves pleasure each other and cum repeatedly as the Cock is not allowed to cum. The slaves will focus on the girls in porn as they pleasure each other and encourage each other to think about the girls on the screen.
6pm– Duo-blowjob challenge. The Cock shall be pleasured with blowjobs from both slaves for the next hour. His job is simply not to cum for the next hour. The cock is tied up to the bed again and then blown by both slaves.  The girls goal is to make him cum, although the both tell him repeatedly that he is not allowed to cum. If the Cock is bad and cums, the slaves are then allowed to liberally punish the Cock.  They will both be allowed to use floggers, clamps, scratching, spanking and other abuses and make the Cock suffer all over his body. The goal will be to make him feel pain over every inch of his body.
7pm– If the cock did not cum, the slaves will reward the Cock by duo-fucking him: One girl fucking him and the other feeding him her ass until he cums. If he already came, he will have to masturbate for 1/2 and hour before he is taken downstairs to the dungeon and tied to the hanging crossbar where the girls take turns beating him harshly, taking turns one at a time every 15 minutes where one slave blows him while the other inflicts pain.
9pm–  The Cock will be taken upstairs again, tied up and fucked by one slave, and then the other
10pm– Bedtime. The Cock shall be allowed to sleep. Drinking water hourly by the slaves will cease for the night. Any time the slaves need to urinate, they will wake the Cock, get him hard to the porn which is still showing, and piss in his mouth while receiving oral sex. If the slave feels like sex at any time during the night, she may fuck the Cock or even untie him so that he can fuck her. He may only cum with her permission.

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