Kink Unveiled

Kink Unveiled is part of a project that I started back in 2010 to create a website dedicated to educating people about BDSM, polyamory and all forms of sexual hedonism.  I originally owned this website and operated it with a great glossary of terms and information about bondage, discipline and my experience with slaves.

Unfortunately, the site fell a bit into disuse and the renewal…failed — resulting in the website being lost and this very domain being lost and randsomed.  Some Chinese company actually wanted me to pay them $3000 to get the domain back and I instead emailed them a picture of my bare ass.

With the web domain gone, I was disheartened for a bit until April 2013 when I started a blog on Blogger. Specifically, where I made hundreds of interesting (IMHO) posts on everything from squirting (female ejaculation) to hypnotism of slaves.

But I grew dissatisfied with the limitations of blogger and when I found that my old website was available once again, decided to give it a rebirth.  In the following months, I will be transitioning my old blog over to this website.

Additionally,  I will be opening a store here — something I’ve wanted to do for some time just because I want a place where I can offer quality sex toys and bondage gear and fill the store with only the stuff that I actually find good and useful.



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