Viewing Guide

This is a very specific guide to my slaves so that they have a very clear idea of the types of porn that they should be viewing.  You see, I wish for my slaves to adopt the same preferences that I have. This is greatly convenient as them I can be assured that we are all turned on by the same materials — allowing for sharing and group appreciation of the pornography.

It is also nice to have the girls gather good quality porn for me.  But more than that, it is about the complete giving over of one’s sexuality so that she is trained to like and enjoy exactly what I enjoy. I also want to state here that I love porn and think you should too. Some girls resist the idea of using porn as “it’s for guys” but that is really not the case. Studies have shown that women actually have stronger responses to porn than men and with the rise of the internet women are using porn with great frequency — it’s estimated that 1/3 of porn is now viewed by females and this trend is continuing to rise — and women also have a tendency to use porn more frequently than men (men typically use once or twice a day where women who use porn often use it around 10 times per day.)

So, without further delay, my guide to viewing porn:

What girls look like shall take precedence over other factors.

1) First and foremost: No pubic hair on any female. Absolutely none. Some people consider a small patch of hair above the pussy to be a shaved pussy. No! This is absolutely wrong. There should never, ever be even a single hair visible.

If you are caught looking at girls with hair, you will be punished based on the amount of hair. A tiny patch of hair that’s barely noticeable will get you a good spanking but a full on 70s bush…if you make me look at such things — you are in for severe correction.

The ideal is a girl who is completely hairless with no evidence of stubble either.

Also, I am not in the slightest into seeing girls shaved.  I don’t wish to see girls that have any hair whatsoever– even if it is targeted for removal.  Just show me the final product thank you.  (A girl who is completely bare doing a maintenance shave is acceptable I guess…but a girl who is completely unable to grow hair or stubble (for example she has undergone laser hair removal treatment) is vastly preferable. Knowing she can’t grow hair…is also a turn on for me. 😉

As I’ve mentioned before, I see hairless girls as the most feminine, beautiful, submissive,  well-groomed and sexy.  And I see no reason whatsoever to stray from or compromise these principals.

2) Skinny- Girls should be thin to very thin. There is practically no limit to how thin you can go to look good, weak and submissive.  But a girl can easily be too big so do try to avoid that.  I will give some examples of things to look for and to masturbate to in appreciation:

-hip bones:  A girl thin enough to have protruding hip bones to hold onto when you fuck her …well, that is a goodness!

-ribs: some people think girls with visible ribs are too skinny and I’ve heard from them stories of them being hassled to eat more.  But I think showing some rib is absolutely delightful! It’s so pretty and a sure sign that the girl is a petite girl and likely to be a horny little bitch too (see On Being Thin)

-flat stomach: Of course, a girl should have a flat stomach. No pot bellies for me please. Her stomach should be as flat as a board and this will drive me wild with excitement!  I do prefer girls that have a stomach shaped like:

Over a girl who is more muscular and is sporting a six-pack.

-mind the gap

3) Small Tits.   Simply put, girls should have small tits. As mentioned above, I adore skinny girls. And thin girls should be aesthetically proportionate.  A skinny waif of a girl with DD silcone tits …. I will find her a disgusting self-mutilated freak. Girls who get boob jobs are utterly wrecking the gorgeous perfection that God gave them.  Hell, I’ve dated girl who were completely self-conscious about their tiny boobs and took them quite some time to believe that I was damn serious: I found their A-cup perky tits to be as big a turn on as most guys find F-cups.  Think of me as the opposite of most guys where the bigger you are…the worse it is — and just as most guys seem to think that FFF tits are a good thing (gross!)…with me, you can’t be too small or ‘flat’…that just drives me crazy with desire! Just as FFF boobs are rare…so are completely flat chests…and with rarity comes value.

I’ll give a guide on boob size:
AAAAA- completely flat with no boob whatsoever.
AAAA   – A tiny little bump or swelling of the nipple only
AAA      – Barely any breast at all. Small enough that the boob is not yet fully rounded and has bit of a pointy shape to it.

AA        – A tiny little boob. The smallest a boob can be while be full enough to be rounded and perky.  Note: While the above are pretty to look at, rare and beautiful, AA is probably my most favorite size, followed by the smaller ones above. And they are guaranteed for life never to sag!
A           – A good sized boob! More than a handful is a waste!
B           – the largest boob I tend to really dig.
C           – if these are proportional on a girl, these can be acceptable bit she’s getting more than a little busty so there are definitely not recommended. But on a strikingly beautiful girl — some exceptions can be made.  Some small punishments made be made if the girl is not pretty enough to warrant her bad chest size.
D           – Just plain too big. Over time as the girl ages, these will definitely sag.  They are just too big to be pretty. Beatings will probably result to correct a girl who looked at these. If she came repeatedly to a D-cup girl, she should be beaten.
DD        – Now you’re getting gross and making me want to look away. Punishment is assured for any girl and cumming to such a woman is forbidden and she shall be punished harshly for cumming to any DD girl.
DDD-FF- Totally gross. Harsh and repeated punishment assured.
FFF+     – I will have to get very creative to punish a girl for getting off to such monstrosities as she has inflicted a crimes against my eyeballs and hurt me.

Hair- girls should have long hair. My preference right now is for long straight dark hair…but long wavy brown or blonde hair also works (just not too curly)

Skin – I have a strong preference for girls with fair skin or for Asian girls.  I think Japanese girls are particularly gorgeous. Girls can be quite tanned or very pale…I like both. But I’m no fan of very dark skin.

Pee  – Girls should find peeing erotic and seek out girls that engage in water sports. I love to see girls peeing. This can include girls peeing on each other, drinking pee, drink pee from guys.

Squirting – Girls should enjoy seeing other girls cum and squirt.

Anal – Girls should engage in anal play wherever possible.  Just vaginal sex is kinda boring and I definitely would prefer to see some anal play where possible. There should be little limits to this: girls licking other girl’s assholes is awesome, as is ass-to-mouth (cock or dildos pulled out of the ass and inserted into the mouth.)  Girls should have a nice rounded ass that isn’t too big. And porn that features her asshole is a big bonus.  Even if she does not do anything anal (say more softcore photos) it would be best to see how cute her anus is.

Lesbian – wherever possible, girls should be looking at girls doing things with other girls. My little sluts are to be trained to love their slave sisters and so it’s of utmost importance that the girls masturbate to porn featuring girls playing well with other girls.

Fetish and BDSM related — Porn can also have a BDSM kink to it with girls being slaves who are bound and abused. Of course, this also includes girls wearing fetish outfits from rubber dresses to corsets and leather.

Non-nude  — it’s not a requirement that girls be fully undressed and engaging in hardcore sex.  Just looking at pretty girls is more than enough to get a girl off.  Focusing on girls wearing sexy outfits and slutty clothes that she can imagine herself in is also a valuable pass-time.

Young Looking– Girls should look as young and innocent as possible. There’s no real limits I set on this. If a girl looks pretty but extremely young this is a great thing for my slave to focus upon. This especially applies to the no-nude girls whom, as long as my girl finds her cute, it is acceptable for her to look at and cum to her. Large amounts of makeup should be avoided as it can make girls look clown-like and I find that on younger girls, makeup makes them look older and worse.  Older, harsh looking women who look kinda mean should definitely be avoided.

Extreme – On the opposite end of the spectrum to no-nude, porn can be totally extreme too. If it features hot and rarely recorded extreme activities all the better.  This includes all sort of things like fisting, blowjobs that cause her to gag or vomit, milk enemas, piss bukkake, extreme bondage, forced sex and furries — for example. Anything that’s new and not mainstream porn is good. I do have a thing where if the girl likes something kinky, it turns me on because she is into something very kinky.  The only thing I have found a lot of trouble appreciating is feet and foot worship. This seems…not particularly hot to me.

Boys — finding hot guys in porn is a challenge at times.  The priority focus for the slave will be finding an appropriately hot girl. But if she can do this — then try to find a guy who is hot to fuck her.  What I consider a hot guy would be:

-around 30 years old
-thin and yet lightly muscular and toned.
-no chest hair
-very minimal body hair
-no face hair and definitely no mustache
-nice strong biceps
-a round ass
-handsome, masculine face with a strong jaw
-cock size isn’t that important to me but small cocks don’t really exist in the world of porn so it’s hardly a concern (but guys with tiny, flaccid dicks should be avoid unless the guy is striking and awesome.


You are welcome to view all sorts of formats of porn. My favorite format is pictures on a computer (jpegs for example) and so you should most definitely uses these. They are also great for putting on slideshows to watch while she masturbates or for watching during sex.  Pictures can be of beautiful women or girls just posing. They need not be explicit nor hardcore but certainly can be.  Teasing and strip shows are also great.

Videos on the computer are also great.  I suppose you could watch DVDs of porn but in the age of the internet…paying for a DVD seems kinda stupid in most cases.

Porn magazines are also acceptable — though the cost of them and lack of ability to screen the girls inside poses some problems so they aren’t recommended. That said, seeing a girl masturbating to porn mags is super sexy.

Books and literature:
This is far more cerebral but girls cumming to ideas that get them off — is hot. I would say the books and websites that feature stories are good things for her to focus on and read  (keeping her mind on sexy subjects) and reading sex stories is absolutely encouraged! But masturbation should contain a visual component most of the time.

Photos should be large (not tiny little thumbnails that are hard to appreciate the details on).  They should be well lit, clear, in focus.  Photos need not be enormous (2MB photos take up way too much harddrive space and load slowly too. Besides, when displayed on a screen, a 2MB photo is way bigger than the screen.)

Videos should also be clear and can be higher quality (HD is good is you can get it…but that’s not required.) What is important is being able to clearly see the bodies of the girls.  Good production quality is a big bonus.  Here’s a tricky one: girls should be real, natural and it’s ideal that they genuinely get off during the video. Fake orgasms, horrendous acting, false ooooh oohhhh oohhhh baby! screams are…awful.

You cna never have too much porn and the slaves are highly encouraged to have as many photos as possible. They should have collections of photos grow so they easily have more an 100 000 photos and hundreds of videos as a bare minimum. Girls shouldn’t worry about harddrive space as I can always get them another harddrive for her to expand her collection.  And the girls should have a variety of photos that they can share with their slave sisters (for example, one girl can show the other a girl she likes while she pleasures her with her mouth.)

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