Dolphin Gay Blowhole Sex

So we are endlessly fascinated by sex and especially sexual practices that involve things that are clearly not for reproduction. Take for example the man busted for having sex with a Coleman camping stove (in Florida, of course!)  Or weird animal sex because we like to know animals are perverts too.  Then there is dolphins: the majestic and intelligent animals of the ocean  — who apparently not only engage in gay sex but male dolphins fuck each other’s blowholes too!


I don’t know what is in it for the one getting fucked in the blowhole. Seriously. Oh yeah.  Male dolphin also do anal penetrations with other males…but there’s something kinkier about the blowhole I guess.  I also suppose they call it a blowjob.

Look a little closer:











Lower Dolphin:  Ummm…Dave, can’t we do up the ass?

Dave:  No.

Lower Dolphin:  Dave?

Dave:   What?

Lower Dolphin:  Dave, I love you, but I can’t fucking breathe.

Yeah, so I thought this was odd enough to amuse you so I threw it in as I’d never heard of it before.

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