Surging – Learning about Squirting

This is an excellent video on squirting and recounting a sex educator’s gradual path down the road to knowledge about squirting.  Her path is very similar to my own path in discovering squirting.  I too discovered it first through experience without any prior initiation.   Her encountering an online explanation about it being ‘beer piss’ is unique to her though, as everything I found seemed to equate shejaculate with real piss (at first).

This video was recommended by one of my slaves so…I thought I’d do a post on it– as I can really relate to so many of her experiences! Staying up late to write rebuttals to clearly inaccurate ‘education on squirting’ and arguing with clearly uniformed ‘medical experts’. haha.   I remember becoming enraged at seeing a paper where a doctor claimed that the most a woman could ejaculate in one squirt was 1 teaspoon! What the fuck.  First, a teaspoon?  Use metric you moron!!  2nd) I have experienced far greater quantities multiple times with different girls.  There is no way that 1 tsp. is even close to the maximum.   So she has similar stories with medical colleagues too.

I think this is great and I subscribed to her channel. 🙂


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