How to Be a Powerful Dom/Domme

blue-latex-corset-redheadJust a quick note here. With the recent work with raising our energies as Pumpkin and I explore tantra more, I realized that I had gotten into a habit of watching very negative things about the state of the world. I had become addicted to idly watching videos on how horribly messed up politics are, on how the state is crushing our freedoms, on the poor state of the environment, on how the entire economic system is built on lies and exploitation, on our increasing vulnerability to terrorism…things like that. What I hadn’t realized was these videos were sapping my energy and personal power. I was feeling powerless to stop the tide as the world marched towards madness.
All of these negative influences were available to me 24/7 through my phone and various apps. I had set myself up to constantly receive bad news from this wired world. And the result was adopting a worldview that everything was terrible and we’re doomed. Deep within me, I was feeding a sense of despair.

All of these things were helping to keep my heart in a closed-off state. And basically, fuck that! I want to have the most open and wonderful heart possible. I want to love fully and freely. I want to open up to my loves first – and show them the awesomeness that I have been keeping buried.

So I have decided to wean myself off this toxic diet of news that I am completely powerless to alter. The world is such that it is…but I can only control my corner of the world – and how I react to it. So the first step is to switch my focus too much more positive things – things that empower myself and my sweet Pumpkin. Switch to a focus on loving, on opening my heart, on reconnecting with my spiritual self. To connect with the people of my community and my family. And most of all, connecting to my heart and soul.

I know this blog is primarily about BDSM and sexuality but being a truly empowered and happy Master who is an unstoppable force…well, that goes an enormous way to creating the right relationship dynamics for BDSM

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