I Improved My Underboob Art

I published this art that I made on a post earlier in December and I was rather pleased with it…until I showed it to aunderboob-cameltoe-swirl friend of mine in front of Pumpkin and…well everyone is a critic. Specifically, she said that her panties were WAY to big and ‘grandma-like’ and suddenly I realized…yeah! They were!

So I went back to the drawing board –literally — and modified her panties to be much more low cut…and I added a wee bit of cameltoe for good measure.  I hope you like the improvements.

Actually, I have been really enjoying doing artworks like this for my blog but I really haven’t received much feedback on my works whatsoever — with the very limited criticism provided by Pumpkin as noted above.  So if you like it, maybe let me know? Or if you can make suggestions…I’m still learning and developing my style.

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