On Dreaming (and striving to create my own sex dreams)

skinny-girl-of-my-dreamsPumpkin and I were watching a wonderful video by a YouTuber named Koi Fresco who did a post on lucid dreaming – and this resonated with both of us so we decided to try it. Lucid dreaming is the act of waking up in your dream so that you are ‘lucid’ and fully aware of your dream. It differs from regular dreams because of the awareness within the dream is amplified greatly as is the control over the dream itself.

The video, which I will link down below, listed off several simple techniques to dream lucidly – and well, that’s just so appealing to me! Being able to make use of the sleep time…a full 1/3 of my life, so that I can remember my dreams and act within them…all while waking up fully refreshed…why not? That seems awesome.

I will sum up the 3 techniques here:

Technique 1: Intend to have lucid dreams right before going to sleep. Say to yourself over and over (while truly believing it), “I will lucid dream tonight.”

Technique 2: Set an alarm for 4-5 hours after falling asleep. When it goes off, don’t get up at all, just lay back down and count to 100 and say at each number, “I am lucid dreaming.” So you start by saying, “1, I am lucid dreaming. 2, I am lucid dreaming, 3, I am lucid dreaming…etc.”

Technique 3: Set your alarm as in technique #2 and when you lay back down, focus on your 3rd eye area and the energies there as you drift off back to ‘sleep’ while still staying conscious.

So we have only just started doing these lucid dreaming techniques for the past couple of nights – using all 3 techniques at once. I understand that it often takes a few weeks before any results from the techniques are observed. We started by keeping a dream journal to help with dream recall. The shocking thing is, the first night we both recalled long dreams and wrote down ½ page on the dream experience and listing what happened. The 2nd night I was able to recall a full written page of my dream – and I write really small! Pumpkin was able to write 2 full pages and was even able to recall 2 full dreams! Consider that I don’t remember having any dreams in the preceding month…this is a spectacular start!

Neither of us was able to enter the ‘lucid’ dream state yet…but it’s a pretty cool start and just being able to remember my dreams so vividly is impressive. I can’t wait to play within the dream realm and start creating my own sex dreams!

I will definitely post more on this as I progress. But I want to be clear that having sex dreams that I can control is only part of the inspiration behind this but the main thrust is grounded in reconnecting with my spiritual self. That, and connecting with the awakening spiritual self within my beloved Pumpkin!

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