Opening My Heart To My Slave

sex-slave-giving-her-heartI recently have had some transformational experiences with my slave, Pumpkin and I have been working with her to open my heart more. You see, my slave Kitten and I have had a loving relationship for many years but my relationship with Pumpkin is coming up on 2 years old… and yet it is becoming transformative.

We recently had an experience with a certain wonderfully chemical that I’ll call Molly and it sent Pumpkin down a spiritual path – which is, in my opinion, the best thing ever! Personally, I used to be a firm atheist until I was about 19 or 20 when science opened my eyes to a profoundly spiritual world. I know that is a totally weird path because science is responsible for killing religion more than anything else – but it truly opened the door for me. Pumpkin was not really spiritual at all when we met – and I wouldn’t dream of ‘forcing’ her to adopt similar beliefs to my own – and yet part of me was kind of sad that I couldn’t connect with her, or Kitten, on anything spiritual.

Well, recently, thanks to Molly, Pumpkin’s eyes (and heart) have been opened up. And mine as well. She is much more open to spiritual experiences partially because she had a kundalini experience on molly and felt her chakras open up. Her heart opened up even more – and we both shared the experience and pressed our hearts together.
Myself, my heart had been closed down a bit, sadly, because it seemed that every time I opened it up, the person I opened my heart to promptly stomped on it. But I had a realization with Pumpkin that she was one that was deserving of my trust and that I could open my heart up to her. Specifically, she showed me her ‘little’ self and let me know that I could trust my heart to the sweet and adorable little girl within her.

As I laid on top of her, I breathed in and felt energy start to flow through my heart – and through the rest of my body. It was like feeling unused veins suddenly start to fill up with warm and energizing blood. As a result – my whole chest was filled with loving energy as my heart chakra opened up. It even started to charge up my 3rd (power) chakra with the energy from my heart.

Overall, this sharing and tantric work felt like the blessed beginning of a much wider and stronger foundation that Pumpkin and I will share together. So don’t be surprised if I start posting more about tantric experiences and exercises in the following weeks!

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