The 312 Genders

If you are like me, you’ve heard that there are many many genders aside from the ‘male’ and ‘female’ but you are kind of curious WTF else the options are!  I mean, if you have both sets of genitals, you’re a hermaphrodite — but you knew that one…but as far as the other 84 or whatnot genders…what are they?

As a sex blogger, you’d think I’d be better informed.  On this topic… not so much. Of course, I could do some research but that would be a lot of effort.  And quite honestly,  when I’ve heard of the bulk gender options… I was like, that is ridiculous.  Not because I think that ‘different genders don’t exist’ but if you are going from a check box that says ‘male’ and a checkbox that says ‘female’ then why in the hell do you need to fill up the rest of the page with hundreds more checkboxes!

Now personally, I think the best options are ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘non-binary’ for anyone that wants to check that box. But what kind of standards do we have for deciding that this is a valid gender identity.

Call me sexist or genderist or whatever — go ahead an educate me in the comments down below because I obviously don’t get it. Want to know how much I don’t get it? When one of my slaves sent me the link to this video, I actually had the audacity to laugh at it:

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