The We-Vibe

purple-we-vibeThe We-Vibe is an interesting sex toy as it was designed to stimulate both partners during sexual intercourse unlike most vibrators.  Of course, there are some vibrating cock rings that stimulate her clitoris while vibing the ring around his cock…but I have tried several of these and they are ok but really seem to get in the way more than anything else.  The We-Vibe however really does a good job of vibing both people in a pleasurable way.

The We-Vibe is designed to be partially inserted into the vagina where it pushes up and vibes her g-spot. The other side of the toy vibrates my cock…and has some nice ridges on it too which are quite pleasurable.  The other half of the toy flexes and goes up to vibrate her clit. Nice. The whole toy is small and compact…about 3 inches long and hides itself nicely so doesn’t get in the way (too much) of the good bits.

I really like this toy as it is high quality and made of silicone so it is easy to clean.  It is fully submersible and sealed — and charges by placing it in a connector but there is no ‘sockets’ or anything so I have to assume it charges partially by magic. 😉  Actually, I am pretty sure the charging works through science.  I have had mine for over a year and it seems to hold a charge well and lasts a long time — the only time it has run out on me is after not being used nor charged for awhile and then we broke it out again — and it died partway through…which was disappointing :p

This toy is awesome with a condom for giving added sensation on my cock where the condom dulls things a bit…so I highly recommend it for use with condoms.

On the downside, the toy is a little bit harder than I would like it and there is a noticeable texture difference between the toy and the rest of her pussy.  It would be perfect if they could figure out how to make it a little more padded and softer — but it’s not a deal breaker.   Oh, the other downside is the cost! It is a high quality sextoy, but it is pricey. Part of the reason I am doing this post is I saw that it was on sale at (or if you are in the States) and the We-Vibe is marked down from $349 Canadian to $209 ($162 US) — which is far more


So you can see its size and how it can flex (it can flex back well too)

reasonable. So if you were on the fence about getting one, especially for Christmas, now would be a great time.

The toy seems to vibe the head of my cock nicely and is placed just right so that when I thrust in and out it vibes my head perfectly.  Meanwhile, my thrusts push it up into her g-spot (while it vibrates) and tingles her lady bits.

Hmmmm…what else can I say. Oh, it has a variety of vibration cycles to match your mood….there is a bunch of different vibe settings and I think the top part that vibes her clit can vibrate independently of the main vibe part for me– so that’s nice too.  The We-Vibe can use a We-Connect app that connects to your phone for much more control of exactly how it vibrates and changes. It is flexible and works in a variety of positions. Oh, and the best part is, you can put it in and it stays there without having to be held in place.

Overall I would rate this as a 9 out 10 on the KinkUnveiled Sex Toy Rating Scale :p



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