Handling the mind and spirit of a slave

naked-spread-slave-readyI woke up this morning and I could immediately tell that Pumpkin was not herself.  Last night even, she was a bit off and seemed like she had forgotten all that she had learned in her recent spiritual awakening. This morning, I kept looking into her eyes and seeing…well, seeing lots of things. She was harboring thoughts that she wasn’t worthy, that she was old and ugly,  that she was disappointing me…stuff like that.

So what is a Master to do?  I had little choice but to take her down to the dungeon,  put leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles,  attach spreader bars to each and then attach her to the ceiling.   From there, I began to whip her ass.  I was delighted to find that the swede flogger I was using on her generated a static electric charge as I whipped her…so I made sure to discharge sparks frequently from my fingertips to her clit.  So satisfying.

I also worked with her mind a bit, getting her into a different state.

I had her think about our upcoming recollaring ceremony — where I am going to swap out her current collar — the collar once worn for years by kitten — with a new, higher level collar which signifies her increased devotion to me.  This increased devotion is a serious business and means I will be taking her on for the long term — and never letting her go.

I have made similar commitments to kitten – – and so the 2 will have to get along well as my sexpets.

I informed Pumpkin that she will have to think of new commitments that she wishes to add to her service in the new ceremony…  but she seemed a little bit confused by that.  I will, of course, add my own commitments but I want this ceremony to be perfect and extremely meaningful to her.

I also told her that I will text her some sample ideas to give her some context as to the types of commitments she could add in.  I will also ask kitten if she has any ideas.

Today, I am feeling extremely horny and as such, I am wanting to include commitments where she agrees to make me cum on a regular basis — but what is ‘regular’ as I wish to be as specific as possible.  Anyway, I have more to think about today.

After beating her for an hour (and clamping her nipples repeatedly throughout to make her suffer) I gave her some warm cuddles and reassurances.  From there, I took a bath with her and we read Stranger in a Strange Land to each other in the warm water. This seemed to do the trick and she started to remember who she actually is… and started smiling like her old self. 😉  Of course, soon as that was done she was sent off to work — and so only time will tell how well she holds onto herself.  But as her Master, I have helped her as much as I could.

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