Valentines Day is Tomorrow


Pumpkin asked for a small collar that will be comfortable for 24/7 wear and for at work too. So like this?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I still don’t know what to do for either kitten or pumpkin.

I recently bought a new collar for pumpkin as I think it is time to upgrade her to the next level — like kitten is at. <3

I will probably do a post about the new collar too — I really do hope it is up to snuff.  I do have some reservations about it for a 24/7 collar but we’ll see how it performs.  It is about 7x cheaper than kitten’s collar so if it isn’t up to snuff, I will simply get another one.

hmmm… apparently diamonds are forever and diamonds are a girl’s best friend…so perhaps I too will get them both Valentine’s gift that are forever and score a ton of points with both of them.  I am thinking of getting them matching non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags.  But nice ones… y’know, with a good pattern printed on it that says “I will love you even in 2518”.   Thoughts?

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