The Scam That Turns Hot Models into Sex Slaves

slaves-gangbangedThere are a lot of scams out there from Bernie Madoff and his financial investment Ponzi scheme to self-proclaimed Nigerian Princes who want to deposit millions into your bank account. But there is also a scam going on where pretty models are invited to foreign countries, allegedly for a major event, and when they arrive, they are kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder.


There are 10 key steps to transform them from working models into owned sex slaves.



How the scam works:
STEP 1: Scammers in a city find a certain major event that would warrant importing the hottest models. For


example, the Olympics has been used to attract models to the city it was being held. Major concerts have also been used to lure people. Basically, any major event that would have a large budget and seem legitimate on the surface. The scammers relocate to this city (or they were already there) and they establish themselves there.

STEP 2: The scammers make actual inroads with the event coordinators so they can gather enough information that is legitimate so any rudimentary investigation will come back that, sure enough, these guys are legitimate and associated with the event.

STEP 3: The scammers start recruiting talent. They can approach agents for top models and know how the proper channels for approaching models. At the highest level, scammers could invite specific NFL cheerleaders or models from top modeling agencies. For lower level scammers, they can approach Instagram models and web models. Regardless, the scammers carefully select the most beautiful women and girls. A version of this scam is traveling to less prosperous countries like Romania and meeting beautiful young girls and offering them work as a model. There does not appear to be any age limits on who they might attempt to capture as depending on the scammer’s connections, a famous model may be the most valuable or the youngest, prettiest models may be the most valuable – so it really depends on market conditions.

STEP 4: The scammers have the model sign and fax contracts. Some of the contracts promise large sums of moneyslave-bound-white-rope and offer luxurious accommodations — but the model must make the travel arrangements themselves. Less common, but can be offered to the highest tier of models, they will even offer to pay airfare for the model to travel to them.

STEP 5: Once the model arrives in the foreign country, a ‘handler’ acts as their guide. Typically, the accommodations are not as posh as promised. Often excuses such as ‘your hotel had a major flood and because of the big event, there are alternative rooms elsewhere!’

STEP 6: The model is brought to a photo shoot. This even occurs for models that think they are participating in a big event because they are going to have photos taken for ‘promotional materials’. These photos will actually be used for promotion –but not for the event but for selling the model herself! The model is changed into a very skimpy outfit, usually, a bikini or slutty dress and, with makeup applied, the photos are taken. The clothes that the model came in are disposed of so the model will be even less likely to attempt to escape in overly revealing clothing.

STEP 7: During the photo shoot, the model is given drugged beverages that eventually incapacitates her. From here on in, the scam turns into an outright kidnapping. The model is taken to a secluded building, such as a warehouse or basement – and she is locked up there in a cage or room – and she is often bound within the room to be doubly sure she doesn’t escape.

STEP 8: The model is typically beaten and abused, physically and sexually assaulted and her will is crushed – so she is constantly afraid. The model lives a life of suffering and kept in a state where she is increasingly afraid to do anything to ‘disobey’ her captors for fear of physical punishment. All of this is specifically designed to make her complacent and easier to transport. Additionally, the sexual abuse is to train her to behave and act as a sex slave – as that is exactly what she needs to be in order to be sold for the highest price.

STEP 9: The photos that the scammers took of the model, along with other marketing materials they have from theanal-sex-slave model’s website or agent are all used to attract potential buyers. The buyers are always very rich men from just about anywhere in the world. The men can be from drug cartels, Russian oligarchs, dictators, or simply corrupt business men. Regardless, they are all wanting to have a trophy sex slave. The men also have access to secluded houses or compounds where they can keep their slaves without interference or having it too easy for the model to escape.

STEP 10: The Auction. When the richest men are all gathered together to bid on the models. Yes, I do say, models, plural. This scam takes a lot of time and energy to set up properly and uses a lot of resources – and it scales very well. In fact, the more girls take place, the more legitimate it seems to the models. The girls are sold to highest bidder and ownership is transferred – along with the girl – and this is where the real hell can begin for the sex slave, depending on the whims and temperament of her new owner.

This is not just a ‘hypothetical’ situation. There are numerous examples of this exact thing happening – and the steps and general ‘structure’ of the scam that I listed above were plucked from warnings from the FBI itself, but I have also found European warnings. The is also a notable amount of Eastern European warnings about model agencies that move young girls – and these girls are frequently bought by child pornographers so that they can produce their illegal content.

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