NXIVM and DOS Sex Cult

NXIVM-sex-cultRecently Allison Mack, actress with a recurring role as Clark Kent’s gal pal Chole Sulivan in the TV series Smallville was arrested with charges related to a bizarre sex cult. And I perked up a bit at the bizarre sex cult bit…so let’s explore that a bit, shall we?

First off, Allison Mack is apparently the top sex recruiter and right hand slave to 57 year old Keith Raniere. In a sort of sex slave pyramid scheme, hot girls were recruited into ‘Pods’ where they served their Mistress or Master – and the new recruits had to recruit more new girls. The new girls were formed into their own ‘pod’ where the recruiter became the Mistress completely in charge of all the new recruits (and anyone they recruited in turn, down the line.) So the top people were in charge of not only their pods but those in the pod created by their pod in a wonderful sex pyramid scheme.

The man at the top of the pyamid was Kieth Raniere, who even branded his girls with his initials. But Allison Mack also branded her girls in a similar fashion. Nothing like being marked for life by your owner.

The girls were encouraged to recruit other young and skinny girls – often famous models and actresses. They even tried to recruit Emma Watson. Other successful recruits included actresses Grace Park and Nikki Clyne. It is unclear from the sources I researched this from if Mack’s co-star Kristin Kreuk was also a member or had simply been introduced to the group. After becoming a member, these hot girls were put on strict diets of 500 to 900 calories a day (and no more.) Raniere liked them young and skinny – as is also evidenced by his history of sexual abuse in the 1980s with a 12 year old and 15 year old.

The members were recruited from NXIVM, a group which offers new age spiritual wisdom in a cult format similar to Scientology. If a member showed promise, devotion and I am assuming some rib bones, then she was offered to be taken into a special ‘women’s movement’ called DOS. DOS was the group for female sex slaves that were branded upon entry to this group – and they had to have sex on demand with any girl who was in a higher rank from her pod, and all of them were to have sex with the only man in the group, the man at top of the pyramid, Keith Raniere.

The sex slaves were forced to endure physical punishments, humiliations, and verbal threats. And they were always to be sexually available to anyone higher ranking than themselves. In turn, they had the complete devotion and sexual freedom to use anyone they had recruited or their recruits had recruited (or the recruits of the recruit’s recruits…and so on.) Of course, the clothing worn (or lack thereof) could be completely determined by Mistresses or the Master – who allegedly had a taste for revealing kinky and fetish-wear.

The slaves were also forced to perform excessive sexual acts with each other to entertain their superiors. They had to masturbate frequently and were often forced to videotape their sex acts to domme-in-latex-nxivmrecord the demeaning and disgusting things they were forced to do.

So this sounds so far like a wonderful and kinky sex family to me – but it is more than a little twisted (in the bad way.) First off, the issue of consent: these girls were brought into this group by being lured in, knowing that it consisted of famous and beautiful girls – but it wasn’t sold to them upfront as a sex cult or primarily sexual in nature. Instead, it used nonsense about it being a women’s empowerment movement – which is exactly opposite of the truth. In order to join, the girls were forced to make videotaped confessions of things that could later be used to blackmail them if they wanted to leave the group. They had to have nude and compromising photos taken of them – again to be used as threats if they wanted to leave the group. Finally, they had to give over all their financial information so they were not just exposed by humiliation but also financially. All of these were given over before they were granted admission into the group and found out its true nature. Now, upon discovering that this was a sex cult – they were completely over the barrel and had no choice but to participate. Also, in stark contrast to my own views on polyamory, the girls were forced to be sexually monogamous (heterosexually at least) with Keith Raniere. This is not cool for a number of reasons. One, you shouldn’t force monogamy as a bond between Master and slave when the girl hasn’t even met the guy yet! Most new recruits had no idea that a man was in the group! Secondly, a single male, no matter how horny, cannot possibly hope to satisfy all those women! Sure, they could play with each other, but a girl needs cock too! And just one cock for well over 50 women is too little! The way I see it, there should have been at least 20-25 smokin’ hot studs to service the women on a daily basis.

And most disgusting in my books, these girls were forced to, with no choice and under threat of blackmail, they were forced to keep their pubic hair completely unmanicured in full on 70’s bushes because Raniere was a twisted fuck who actually prefers pubic hair as wild as a Sasquatch. Gross and cruel. I can’t imagine how these girls felt about having to *barfs a little in my mouth just thinking about it* eat out hairy pussies and asses and being forbidden to groom themselves properly!

Since the girls were forced into revealing compromising information and have compromising videotapes of them taken before they were forced to grow their pubic hair as long as possible – the cult was eventually taken down by law enforcement and Allison Mack was charged with sex trafficking.

Disclaimer: This article was written based on a number of sources including Rolling Stone Magazine –but the sources detailing the actual demeaning and lesbian sex acts were …more speculative in nature and so those aspects should be taken as fiction until, well, hopefully more details will be cemented in the upcoming court case this October, 2018.

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