Miss America Contest to Remove the Bikini Contest

bikini-beachThe Miss America Pageant is no longer going to be a beauty pageant and it’s transitioning into a ‘contest’ of some sort.  So instead of being a ‘who I’d most like to fuck’ contest, I am assuming that removing the ‘pageant’ aspect means it is no longer like that?  I dunno.  The bikini contest is definitely being removed.  Yes, for the first time since 1921, the swimsuit competition will no longer be a part of the contest.

Honestly, I don’t fully understand the contest and what its purpose is.  Is the contest to be to determine who is the ‘best’ woman in America? Well, intelligence, skill, innovation and physical abilities should all be factored in.  Talent in a variety of categories would also be good.  But isn’t being physically fit also, y’know, a thing?  Being ‘hot’ or ‘beautiful’ biologically means the person has strong genes and hasn’t suffered from a lot of physical ailments as illnesses often leave their mark on a person.  Seriously, physical health and symmetry are directly related.  In fact, if you average a ton of different photos of men or women, you will ALWAYS get a beautiful composite image –as humans find symmetry beautiful.  Additionally, when people see the a beautiful woman –they are responding to biological cues which subconsciously say, ‘this person is fit and healthy.’

Removing the bikini contest, while I do see how it could be interpreted as sexist, also removes the elements of the mental and physical discipline required to workout and take care of your body with exercise.  Is that really something we want to remove from a contest that allegedly judges the best woman in America?

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