Older Millennials Are Kinkier

Older Millennials Are Kinkier 1SKYN Condoms surveyed over 4000 sexually active millennials and the results were interesting. Compared with Gen X which saw about 10% of people using handcuffs in the bedroom, about 37% of millennials aged 30-36 are using handcuffs. Even more, 39% are using whips! That is almost 4x as many as Gen X – which makes me think that 50 Shades of Grey really resonated a lot more with this generation than they’d care to admit.

Another very interesting result was the amount of anal sex older millennials are having. About 42% of millennials aged 30-36 are using anal beads and the same percentage are videotaping their sex!

The funniest part about the millennial survey? Over 70% of them consider themselves “very good” or “amazing” in bed – which is hilarious for the generation where everybody received a trophy. Apparently the trophies were really good for their egos! And who knows, maybe with all the porn they were raised with, perhaps they really are significantly better at sex than previous generations.

Finally, if forced to choose between a year without coffee or a year without sex, 80% of millennials chose to go without coffee. Hell yeah! I love my coffee too…but I would go stark raving mad after 6 months without sex…so at we’re all on the same page here!

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