Travel: the Funnest Way to Stoke her Sexual Fires

drawing-beach-girlThere is something about new experiences, being pushed outside of your comfort zone, and the unexpected surprises that accompany trips to exotic locations that your brain literally gets revved up in all the right ways. Going on a trip together and sharing new experiences definitely bonds a couple together. You have to rely on each other to overcome novel difficulties and your brain goes into overdrive as you bombard it with new stimulus.

Have you ever noticed that going on vacation to a foreign land seems to make time stretch out? A 2 week trip can seem like 2 months of your everyday same-old same-old life. This is because your brain is on high alert, taking in all the new sights and smells. And this variety, surprise and adventure is exactly the kind of excitement that drives couples together – and makes them fuck way more!

Arousal in general definitely correlates to sexual arousal. So if your lady has gone a bit bland on you and your sex drive could use a bump, consider taking her on vacation instead of buying her a naughty nighty.

Consider how blown away she’ll be if you take her to Hawaii? Surrounded by blue skies, she’ll relax and start to truly unwind. The new smells, salty surf, coconuts and plants unlike anything you have at home will stimulate her in subtle ways. Then mix in all the skin seen and felt on warm beaches and you’ve got a recipe some fine couple action.

Is she addicted to her phone? Are you? Well instead of you each touching your screen 2600 times a day – why not take her somewhere that internet access is pretty rare? Take her on an adventure to Cuba or Cambodia and instead of her playing with her phone all day, she’ll wake up to exactly what’s in front of her. Latin heat and music or a tomb raiding adventure will help her realize that she’s the one that needs to be touched more often.

Other travel ideas include going to Vegas for weekend getaway to spice things up. There’s so much to see just people watching and walking the Vegas strip. When I was there, I saw a pirate ship sink, the fountains of the Bellagio and a volcano erupt. Throw in a show like the Cirque de Soleil and you’ve got a whole bunch of memories that will help stimulate her mind and appreciate you more. But there’s always the classic roadtrip too. On a budget? Just pack a bag and hit the road and see what destiny will serve up for you. Throw a tent and some sleeping bags in the back (sleeping bags should be the kind that zip up together) and you are ready for an impromptu adventure – and the spontaneity could easily lead to spontaneous happenings in bed too.

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