Cum-cation (Cum-vacation) Part 2

[Continued from Part 1]

sexy-girl-in-bedI woke up the next morning to a hand rubbing my hard cock while Pumpkin whispered in my ear, “You need to wake up and cum for me, Daddy. Start stroking yourself.”
While tired, I didn’t want to disappoint my little girl. I looked over and saw she had put on a set of pictures with a hot dark haired girl wearing a slutty tight pink dress… So it was easy to enjoy the show.
I stroked my cock, happy that I had suck a devoted little girl reminding me to cum.
“Daddy, you have been hard a lot and cum a lot these past few days, but part of me feels like you are cumming for you. That you are still being somewhat selfish about it… Like you are touching yourself to give yourself pleasure. That isn’t what I need, Daddy. I need you to cum for me, not you. I know it’s a giant burden on you: having such an enormous sex drive and needing to think about it all the time. Which is why I need more cum. I am going to ask for more and more cum till you don’t want to cum anymore… And then you can *start* cumming for me. If you beg me for a break, I will make you cum again. If you plead with your face for rest, that will only encourage me! Because I don’t want you worried about when you will cum next… I want you worrying about your balls that are aching too much from being drained dry. I want you worrying that your cock is sore and chaffed from over use. I want you worried that I *will* ask you to cum again. And I will. I am not going to stop asking. Before you have any thoughts or desires to cum, I will have already made you cum twice more. That way, I know that every orgasm you give is for me and for me alone. Do you understand, Daddy? “
I nodded, “I think so, Pumpkin.”
“I feel your desires to cum, Daddy. I know you want me to ask you to cum. But that isn’t enough for me! It makes me feel pressured… Like you desire more than I can give. So no more Daddy! You have no idea how much love and attention I need, deep down. And I want you to be desperate for a break from my neediness! So from now on, I want you to be the one feeling constantly pressured, not me! So me and my friends are going to be a lot more demanding than we have been these past few days until you learn that you really have no choice but to cum and cum and cum and cum for me! You will never have to think about this giant burden of a sex drive again because I am a way bigger problem for you than that!”
And with that I looked into her sweet little eyes and saw a mischievous twinkle. And then she grabbed my balls and dug her nails sharply into the skin,  ” keep stroking your cock, Daddy,” and that twinkle turned dark and, well, evil. She dug her nails deeper and deeper and started to pull too as the light drained out of her eyes and was replaced by a blackness. “Yes, Daddy. All of your cum is mine and you promised to give it all to me.”
I winced at the pain as it passed the  boundary of pleasurable and into… Fear. She looked into my eyes and fed on that fear, “yes Daddy, you promised and said I could give you pain to remind you to cum more or faster. Accept it. I am a needy little girl and get upset when you don’t give me all the cum I want! You don’t want me to get upset and throw a tantrum, do you?” she said as she started pinching me with the nails of her other hand.
“No Pumpkin!” I gasped, worried that I had created a monster but knowing it was already far too late.
“Then give me cum whenever I ask for it so I don’t have to get upset.” She grinned at me like a rich, utterly spoiled child. “Oh, and cum for my friends too, as often as we ask, just to be sure that you never have enough time to start selfishly cumming for yourself!”
With that, she slapped the head of my cock sharply. “Now you have exactly 2 minutes to cum for me and then you can fuck me. But if you don’t do it in time, then you have to cum for 2 more girls before you have to fuck me.”
Her eyes looked almost demonic. She was completely serious. She wasn’t saying this because she wanted me to get off. No, she was obsessed with me giving her my most vital energy. And I had no choice but to give it to her.
With a massive sense of relief, I shot my load for her. I came and lost myself in a state of complete bliss. My mind shut off completely as I gave myself over to the orgasm. Knowing that I would be revisiting this state again in mere minutes, I could gave myself over to pure orgasm without the slightest hint of concern that it would soon be ‘over’. It didn’t seem like my little girl was familiar with that concept either… And a state of true freedom washed over me. The massive oppressive weight I had be carrying around my entire sexual life was magically lifted for the first time I could ever remember, and that feeling of freedom made me realize for the first time what an onerous burden it was. I felt like a heart patient who suffered from badly clogged arteries for so many years that just taking a deep breath caused shots of pain and feeling fatigue… And then the surgeon inserted the stint, widening the veins and suddenly I could breathe as blood flowed freely through my heart for the first time in decades.
My consciousness slowly returned as I was called from a distant voice, “Daddy, Daddy, wake up. I need to know you love me. Daddy! I want to see proof. I need to see your white love. Show me your love again and cum on my tits.”
I was awake now. And I rejoiced at the fact that I was alive! I was finally liberated, with my only concern being to cum whenever I was asked. I did want her to ask alot, I thought before catching myself. No. I wanted to cum for her. I couldn’t take another moment of that burden! I didn’t need to think of it any more! I just had to relax and let things be, and trust that my little girl would do a great job handling the responsibility so I didn’t have to. Right now, my only concern was simply cumming on her beautiful tits because she had asked for it… And in order to be free, I had to give her my love without hesitation, any time she asked.
Soon,  my white hot cum was dripping down her tits. She pulled them to her mouth to lick the cum up and swallow my energy.
“Thank you, Daddy. Of course, any time you want to fuck me, you have to fuck me… I don’t want you to hesitate. You can tell me you are horny by fucking me, and I will know that you have a build up of cum and should drain you further. Or if I see you playing with your phone… That is the other way you can tell me. Because you should be playing with your cock… Not your phone. So when I see you on your phone, I will probably make you play with your cock instead. “
“OK Pumpkin. I love you.”
“The best way you can show me that you love me is by cumming for me eagerly each and every time I ask, knowing that you are doing it to prove to me you love me. Because I *need* your cum, Daddy! I need so much of it, it hurts! Please say you’ll always give it to me, whenever I ask?” She begged.
Damn, I love it when she begs for my cum. It’s like, what I have been craving all my life… A girl who loves me, truly loves me, and shows me by needing my love as much as I need to give it. I feel so connected to her, adoring of her, knowing she needs my cum as much as I need to give it to her. Like twin flames, feeding off of each other.
“So I want you to cum with Sandra now so I know how much you love me. After that, you are going to cum on Katya’s little tits. All for me. Then I will come up and figure out the next place for you to shoot your load. It won’t be my mouth yet. But I will be tasting your cum this evening. But I only want freshly made cum, that was just produced… Not some old cum that has been sitting in your balls for an hour or two. “
As I went up stairs to fuck Sandra, the hallway darkened suddenly as I felt a chill. A voice projected directly into my head with glacial malice, ” You will cry and beg me not to cum any more. That will fuel my lust for your energy.”
I froze. Slowly turning my head I saw the burning embers of her eyes. “GO!” she shouted with the urgency of a shark swimming through blood; her glowing eyes growing ever more menacing by the second.
I was terrified. Yet my cock hardened at her command.
I woke up from yet another orgasm, this time awakened by Pumpkin’s lubed up finger exploring the outside mouth of my ass.
“Daddy, I want to shave and laser this hole so it is always ready for me to put things in.”
“Ummm, okay Pumpkin.”
“Daddy, you promised me you would cum any time I asked!” she sulked suddenly. Wow, this girl was really high maintenance! All I said was ok!
“Yes Pumpkin, whenever you want.”
Her face turned cold, “That includes cumming by your ass too, Daddy. Promise me I can stick anything up your ass, any time I want.” As she said this, her demeanor had changed. It was darker. Needful. Like she needed my permission in the same way a vampire needs permission to enter your home.
I hesitated.
Her voice dropped an octive and did not quite sound like her voice any more. “Please, Daddy. Say yes.”
I didn’t want to deny the love of my life a single thing… But part of me knew that something wasn’t quite right.
“Daddy! Fuck you Daddy! Ok, need 2 more orgasms, back to back as soon as you can! Get hard for me Daddy!”
I stroked my cock, trying to get him hard fast enough to satisfy her relentless needs.
As soon as I was hard, she said, “Good Daddy.” Then she held out a pair of her little cotton panties, cupped in her hand. “Cum in these. You have 1 minute.”
“But Pumpkin! I just got hard!” I pleaded, knowing that I couldn’t cum that quickly… Especially so soon off a prior orgasm.
“You owe me one more then. For objecting.” Then she flashed a sly grin, “You have 35 seconds left, or you owe me 2 more.”
I pumped madly at my cock but knew I was nowhere near. When the time elapsed, she said coldly, “Give me my cum. It is mine, Daddy. Not yours. You have to share! Actually, no. It’s not yours to share! It’s mine. Give it back! Now!”
She dug her nails into my nipples.
“I am feeling extra horny tonight Daddy. And if you don’t give me all the cum I ask for tonight, tomorrow you will owe me double. Of course…” her voice trailed off as her eyes glinted with a reddish flash, “if you agree to take anything up your ass, whenever I want, I may decide to forgive your indescressions just now and you will just have to cum for me the one time.”
I knew she was serious. If I kept denying her my ass, she would relentlessly tack on orgasms at an impossible rate. I had to agree as I was already drained with barely a drop of cum left in me.
“okay, Pumpkin, you can put anything up my ass.”
“Any time I want?”
“Yes Pumpkin”
I stroked my sore cock. “I promise Pumpkin, you can stick things up my ass whenever you want.”
“Good, because I’ve seen all the butt plugs you have and I know they   should be in you all the time!” she grinned with evil intent, “so I can fuck you and have your anal orgasms impaled on the end of strap-on all the time. And especially if your cock won’t shoot cum fast enough.”
Out of nowhere she pulled out a smooth black butt plug and started slathering lube all over it.
“Keep stroking your cock, Daddy. That will help it go in much easier.”
She slid the butt plug up my ass and then leaned over, biting my earlobe and whispering, “You still owe me one cum right now, plus the other 2. And the 1 for objecting. But now I get to fuck your ass in between.

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