Cum-cation (Cum-vacation) Part 1

bare-waist-croptopIt was a bright and sunny day as I opened my car door and stepped out onto the driveway. The heat shimmered off of the concrete as I headed towards the door. I knew my little girl was waiting for me to get home – and she would be super eager to see me as I had the next 10 days off! She had hinted that she wanted to play some fun games with me and so of course I was excited to see what she had in mind.

As I opened the door, I could hear her racing towards the door, “Daddy! You’re home!”

“Yes Pumpkin! How was your day?”

“It was very good Daddy! I came like, 5 times!” she said as she held up her hand proudly to show me five fingers.

I chuckled. It was so good to have a little around who was so eager. Fuck, her ageplay is absolutely adorable.

“Daddy, you are on vacation now?”

“Yes, Pumpkin. I have the next 10 days off.” I grabbed her and pulled her lovingly into my arms, hugging her tightly.

“That’s really good Daddy! Can we play a fun game for the next 7 days?”

I looked at her questioningly. 7 Days? What exactly did she have in mind.

“Ok Pumpkin. We can play any game you want.”

“Oh Daddy, I have such a fun game I learned about! I *need* to play it! Lots and lots! Will you promise to play it, as much as I want, even if you are tired? Promise me?!”

“Oh ok Pumpkin, I promise. I will play as much as you want – and you will be the only one who decides when we are done playing. How does that sound?”

She jumped up into my arms! “Daddy! Thank you Daddy! That is the best! You’re the best Daddy in the whole wide world!”

I laughed at her enthusiasm. She really gets into character.

“Ok Daddy, the game is: you have to touch yourself and cum every time I ask you. Oh, and you also have to fuck me or any of my friends and cum for them any time I ask for the next 3 days. Ok?”

“Yes Pumpkin, that sounds fun.”

“But Daddy, I might want to ask for a whole lot of cum. And your cock might be sore from cumming so much…but you still have to give me more cum. Okay Daddy?”

“I wouldn’t dream of denying my little girl anything, ever.”

“Eeeeeeeee!” she squealed excitedly as she hugged me tightly. “And we won’t stop playing until I say?”

“Agreed, Pumpkin. We can play as long as you want.”

“Even if I want to play longer?”

“Pumpkin! Don’t be silly, I will play for as long as you want! Ha ha”

“Good Daddy, because I planned things out with some friends and they might need some cum too,” she said as she gave a shy giggle. “So any time I ask, you will have to cum with them too. But don’t worry about that right now, Daddy. Right now, I want to see you stroke your cock with your toy.”

Pumpkin was a fan of watching me masturbate using a grey masturbation sleeve – a little pocket pussy type toy that that felt remarkably lifelike. So I took her by the hand and led her up to the bed, feeling my cock swell in anticipation as I approached the bedroom.

“Daddy, I picked out some really good porn for you to watch while you play with yourself,” she said as she switched on the TV. Soon I was happily stroking my cock into the tight little masturbation sleeve. It seemed like no time before I filled it with my cum.

Pumpkin pulled it off of my cock and squeezed the cum out – just to make sure I had really cum, and also so she could see the cum herself.

“Good job Daddy. Now I need to see cum again. This time stroking your cock with cream so I can see your cock throbbing in your fist. As soon as you are ready to cum, I want you to cum into this pair of my panties here. Then you will be ready to cum in my little pussy.”

Wow, she was certainly eager. And I happily obliged, stroking my cock as she supervised. I was able to cum very fast this time because I knew the pleasure wouldn’t end at all – hell, knowing exactly where and when the next orgasm would occur made it that much easier to fully let go and just release my load without holding onto it to stretch the pleasure out.

My cock quickly got hard again for my hot little girl. I found her so much hotter when she was in this kind of sexy mood – where I could tell the only thing on her mind was sex, sex and more sex. And that is exactly what every Daddy hopes for in a well-trained, good little girl.

I fucked her wet, hairless little hole as she vibed herself at the same time…using my pounding cock as her own little personal sex toy. “Yes, cum for me now Daddy!” she said with urgency as she felt her orgasm building. I wanted to, but I had just cum twice back to back and it wasn’t so easy to fire off another load so quickly. “Cum Daddy! Cum now!” she begged.

I wanted to give her all the cum she wanted, to prove to her how much I loved her…how much I enjoy fucking her…and damn, her pussy felt so amazing I also wanted to enjoy it a little bit longer too.

“Daddy, if you don’t cum soon, I am just going to have to make you cum again so you learn how to cum faster for me.” That turned me on a lot and fucked her harder and faster…but still couldn’t make it over the edge.

“Daddy, if you take too long, I might just have to make you cum 2 more times before you have to fuck me again.” Damn, my little girl was serious about her cum! And that pushed me way over the edge and I came hard into her wet pussy.

“That’s better Daddy. Ok, you only have to cum once more before you can fuck me again. But you will have to cum again after you fuck me the next time. And you better cum fast next time or I will add another 1 or 2. Maybe 3 if you are really bad and deny me my cum.”

“I will never deny you any cum, Pumpkin.”

With that, she gave a bit of an evil grin and said, “It is my cum. It’s how I know you love me. And that you are always willing to be me all of you love and energy. Promise me Daddy?!”

“I promise, Pumpkin.”

“Yay! Daddy this is going to be SOOOOO MUCH FUN for ME!!! Now look at the pictures of this girl who I think is really pretty and shoot the cum out of your cock for me. Remember, you promised to give me as MUCH cum as I want!”

“Ha ha, ok Pumpkin. I am gonna start right now.”


So I stroked my cock to the pretty model that my little girl had selected. When I squirted my load, I was surprised that Pumpkin squealed with delight and said, “Again! I changed my mind and you have to cum twice before fucking me!” she giggled.

It was harder to stroke myself to orgasm again immediately after cumming, but I was so turned on by her enthusiasm that I managed to squirt out another load. Truthfully, it also helped knowing that she was watching and that I knew I had to fuck her and cum in her again right away.

After cumming, she gave me a few minutes to collect myself – but not very long at all – before she put on more hot porn pictures and started playing with her bare pussy. “Get hard and fuck my pussy, Daddy! Look at the pretty girl and pretend you are fucking her too. If you don’t cum quick enough, I will make you cum 2 more times before bed. But if you cum fast you only have to cum one more time tonight,” then she gave a sly giggle, “Unless I decide I need more.”

It was so hot fucking my little girl. Her bare pussy felt like heaven. I fucked her hard and fast, trying to cum as quickly as possible for her. But try as I might, I just couldn’t squeeze the cum out that fast after already cumming so much today. As I fucked Pumpkin at the edge of an orgasm without crossing the threshold, she said, “It’s okay Daddy. I know you just need more practice so I will help you get strong so you can cum faster back to back. Fuck me Daddy. Then I need you to cum 2 more times before you can sleep.”

The next morning, I woke up before Pumpkin and habitually went for my phone. I started checking in on a game I play too often when Pumpkin rolled over. When she saw me on my phone, she sexy_girl-covered-in-oilacted like a spoiled little girl and threw a mini tantrum. “Daddy! Why are you playing on your phone! You promised me we’d play the Cum Game! You’re a bad Daddy who hasn’t cum nearly enough today, have you?”

“No Pumpkin, I haven’t cum at all yet today… I just woke up!”

“That’s no excuse Daddy. You should wake up stroking your hard cock DaddYEEE! You promised to play the Cum Game as long as I wanted so I want you to fuck me and cum RIGHT NOW!”

As I fucked my little girl, she started giggling. I looked at her quizzically as I thrusted into her and she said, “Daddy, after you cum in me, my friend Tanya is coming over and you are going to have to fuck her too.”

Omg. Tanya is a wonderful, thin hot blonde with a killer body…It would be so amazing to fuck Tanya so…yeah! I am sooo into that.

“Oh, and after you cum in Tanya, Sandra is coming over and you’ll need to fuck her too.”

Wow, this IS my lucky day. I have the best little girl in the whole world! <3

“Of course Daddy, after you fuck them both, I will need to be fucked again. But then they will both be here, and maybe Katya too. So you will have to fuck them all once again. And by then, I will need to be fucked again. Hmmm, maybe I will have you fuck Kitten a few times in a row after that. Before I make you cum for each of us again!”

“Ummmmm, Pumpkin, that’s like, way too many orgasms in a day. I am only human…”

“Dad-deeeeeeeee! You promised! The only thing you are going to do today is fuck and cum. That’s it. You can do it! Oh, and if you can’t – I will probably get mad because you are so out of shape, sexually speaking, and will need to go on a workout routine to get you in shape for me. So if you DON’T cum as much as I want, then you WILL have to cum even more times tomorrow. In fact, any time I ask for cum and you don’t give me enough, I will add that many PLUS 1-6 more the next day! I can roll a dice. That’s a fun part of the Cum Game! It’s part of the rules.”

“Ok Pumpkin, I will try.”

When I said that, she burst into a big smile! “Yay Daddy! I just know you can cum as much as need. But I am a horny little girl and sometimes I don’t want to think of you doing anything but being hard and cumming.”


With that, my entire day was a blur of constant fucking or orgasms. No sooner had one girl gotten some cum shot in her ass, mouth or pussy and there was another girl demanding that it was her turn to get some cum. Pumpkin would demand to see the cum dripping out of each hole to make sure I had shot a full load without ‘cheating’ and every 3-4 orgasms she would demand I cum with her.

By the end of the day, I was completely spent and exhausted. I feel asleep in a sweaty mess – with Pumpkin happily snuggling into me.

I woke up the next morning to Pumpkin giving me a blowjob. One thing you should know about Pumpkin is, she gives possibly the very best blowjobs on the planet. I have had my share of blowjobs from lots of different girls and I can assure you…while there really isn’t such thing as a ‘bad blowjob’ there is an epic-ultra good blowjob. And Pumpkin consistently gives better ones than that! Seriously, I’d say the next best blowjob I’ve had in my life was…3/4 as good as her standard one. And most aren’t even half as good. Then there was the one I had last year with the cute skinny Asian girl while Pumpkin watched. I looked at Pumpkin and said with my eyes, “Wow, this girl has NO idea what’s she’s doing. Would you please take over?” haha.

Sandra was there, ready to sit on my face as Pumpkin played my cock like an Olympian goddess. I knew that as soon as I came, Pumpkin would insist that Sandra blow me right afterwards. I was starting to wonder how long I could keep up with this little girl’s cum-lust. But I was willing to give it my all.

Having so much sexual attention was having a wonderful side effect of making me feel so deeply loved, desired and… cared for.  It felt just deeply safe.  Wonderful and cozy.

After I came in Pumpkin’s greedy mouth, sure enough Sandra was giving me a blowjob.

As Sandra blew me, Pumpkin leaned over and whispered in a voice sweeter than a shot of Fireball, “For the past few weeks, as you were about to cum, I hinted that I would ask for more. I was preparing your mind. From now on, every time I hint I will need more, I am going to be asking you to cum again very shortly after. It not just a game. It’s my right. So whenever you fuck me before sleep — expect me to ask for a 2nd and maybe 3rd round. And you are going to give it to me.”

There was something so needy about the way she said it. She needed me to cum for her. And that made me cum right then and there in Sandra’s mouth.

My day was absolutely filled with porn. Pumpkin had insisted that I only look at porn that she had previewed and approved of. She wanted to make sure that I was cumming only to the prettiest girls. Girls that met her standard of sluttiness. Girls as slutty and cum hungry as herself.

As I stroked my cock over and over for her pleasure, she told me that I no longer had to worry about ‘what porn to view’ or ‘what porn to cum to’ because that decision was now entirely hers. She would pick all the girls for me and make me prove that I thought they were beautiful and worthy — by cumming for them.   She only wanted me to look at and desire the sluttiest, nastiest girls around. Girls should only wear outfits suitable for street corner prostitution, for stripping or sex clothing worn by easy, promiscuous little tramps. She didn’t want me cumming for fat or ugly girls, and definitely not cumming for girls wearing ‘normal’ clothes nor those whose outfits were unfortunate or ‘not for sex’.  “Don’t worry about what they wear, Daddy! That’s my problem. All you have to do is cum for the good ones. And if I really like an outfit, I can make you like it too simply by making you cum to it more. I will probably go with different girls in between to give you lots of porn variety, but the best outfits will get more cum so you learn to have the same taste as me. And having the same taste shows me how much you love me.”

It is true, the more I came in a day, the easier it was to set my ego aside and open my heart. I desire more than anything to give my heart completely over to Pumpkin. I want that most of all in the world — that and to open my heart fully. And something deep, deep down inside of me tells me that cumming for her is directly on that same path.

[Continued. Go to Part 2]

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