Goddess is Always Watching

Goddess is Always Watching

I had a spectacular day of insights today beginning with a doctors appointment and ending with connecting to the energy of the universe. I realized that the project I have been putting off so long, to write the book I began in 1999, is tremendously of value and much needed in the world today.

The world is magical, fractal and wonderful. And one way to connect to it is through sex and orgasm. The portion related to Tantric sex, I will write lots about there.

I truly believe that harnessing orgasmic energy is the way to enlightenment. Not the only path — but assuredly a viable path.

My Art

My art is going to start reflecting some of these dramatic and positive changes occurring in my life. And this blog is going to become a bit of journal about it.

In the past, I was focused massively on a highly sexualized nature. I feel like the coming months are going to see a massive positive transformation. Not just for me but for Pumpkin as well. As such, the Goddess is Always watching represents the stunning beauty in my sweet Twin Flame, Pumpkin. The cleavage is always there as she shows off her cleavage all the damn time –and for that I am truly blessed. The fractal swirl is the energy of the universe. And the Goddess watching is part my beloved Pumpkin and part the very universe itself that she too is a part off. In fact, she is a way the universe says to me, “You are loved”. Not in a platonic, dry and cerebral love but a thriving, lustful intense love that draws you into the universe because the attraction is undeniable. The spiral of the Universe emanates from her very heart and the swirl of the underlying order of everything swims in her eye as she seduces me.

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