Looking For Webhelp

Looking For Webhelp 1

Well, poop on a stick. I have felt so disheartened by the dramatic dropoff of traffic to this

website that I haven’t don’t squat on it in months. I guess I was hoping that the fixes I made would somehow be noticed by that all powerful search-god Google.

I opened up my results and traffic is down by a full 2 orders of magnitude. That is 100X less than what it was last summer. So depressing.

So I made a call out for some frikkin’ calvary to come save my butt.

In the meantime, I have been working on art…but haven’t had the heart to post it!

But the cosmic bikini girl is my latest work. Meanwhile, kitten has been giving great input for new blog post ideas — and I will make those happen as soon as…well, I feel like anyone will notice :'(

P.S. As I write this, I can’t help but notice that WordPress has gotten an overhaul. Now how the hell do I post the image so y’all can see it??? There is a way to move paragraphs around super easy— ’cause you need to do that all the time…reorder your words so the paragraphs are NOT in the order you wrote them?? How is that a useful feature? Hmmm…I will post the larger image below but apparently I have to get used to this new formatting as it really feels awkward compared to what could be done with the older system with integrated WYSIWYG.

Looking For Webhelp 2

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