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I am still super stoked about the upcoming video game release of Subverse by FOW Interactive (from the kickstarter page, Studio FOW from the start of the trailer…they have to work on their corporate branding?) which shockingly includes graphic sexual content in a real video game that isn’t a piece of crap. I was talking with my slave about this and how please I was with my last post about it and she asked several questions…none of which were answered by my last post!

More Subverse Video Game 1

First off, when does Subverse the video game come out? Well, I have seen a number of release dates ranging from summer 2019, fall 2019 and early 2020. So take the average and … fall 2019?? Honestly, I would prefer the release date pushed until the quality is absolutely top notch as opposed to pushing it up and making the game shoddy. As I discussed in my last post, it is absolutely essential that such an important, boundary smashing, disruptive video game which finally includes sex be….awesome. They have to get it right! And if it takes a few more months to get it right, so be it.

Secondly, she asked what kind of game is it? Well according to the kick starter page, the game is a Sci-Fi RPG mashup. From the trailer it definitely has some first person shooter elements, some roleplay elements and spaceship combat. So…think a decent Star Wars game but sexier. Not only do you get to see Princess Leia in a slavegirl bikini, you get to rescue her and fuck her. 🙂

She also asked why video games haven’t included sex until now? I believe there are several contributing factors. First off, video games used to be sold exclusively in brick and mortar stores. Many physical stores such as Walmart believe that preserving their moral public image is way more important than risking selling ‘pornographic video games’ which could cause parents to have a fit and ban their kids from coming to the store. But recently, video games have transitioned to being sold online more than in physical stores. Finally, the age concern of selling the game to minors is easily mitigated by having to have a credit card to pay for and download the game. Basically, you’re probably over 18 if you have a credit card so go for it! Built in age verification. (My slave did mention that some kids under 18 might gain access to a credit card…but do you really think that kids old enough and smart enough to get credit card access a) will be exposed to porn for the very first time via this video game??!? b) that cartoon porn is really going to harm them when they’ve already been viewing pornhub for a number of years and finally c) they probably have already had sex in real life anyway so WTF.)

Finally, she asked to see the trailer for the video game. And I said, WTF why didn’t I include the awesome trailer?!? So here it is below.

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