Subverse: subverting videos with Sex

On March 25, 2019 the little known game studio FOW started a kickstarter campaign that raised over 1.5M pounds (well over $2.1M US) by the first week in May 2019 when the campaign closed. What caused video gamers to flood funds into this little project? Sex.

Subverse: subverting videos with Sex 1

The first video game to fully and properly feature sex, not as a piece of crap porn game (commonly known as shovel-ware) but a real damn game that also include sex. Not only that, FOW gives the finger to the mass censoring, money hungry video game business on a number of fronts from openly despising pay to win games (and personally speaking, pay to win is the biggest load of crap that ever plagued video games) to mocking the endings of popular titles for their lazy stories and endings. All of which is an excellent sign.

The trailer for Subverse looks amazing. It is clearly a full on game that looks fun to play. Hell, the trailer I saw didn’t even include any sex at all but the writing was snappy and the game looked as good as any major title out there.

I have done prior posts on why (and even how) video games should include sex. First, the average age of video gamers is something like 33. Well over the age of consent. That means half of all gamers are over 33 years old…and also the vast majority of them are very personally familiar with sex. The fact there isn’t a game with sex in it is fucking shocking.

Secondly, almost everybody has sex regularly…yet this entire aspect of life is censored so badly in video games that a stupid car rocking up and down from implied sex in Grand Theft Auto was a major controversy. Hell, some damn side-boob (no even topless) has made huge waves in the absurdly Puritan video game market.

All of this is in the age of widespread internet pornography, porn available on every smartphone, nude selfies taken on a whim with ever present cell phone cameras — and yet still there isn’t a game that allows people to express an essential part of the human experience.

Worse, I cannot even count the variety of ways you can graphically behead and disembowel people with rivers of blood flowing through popular title after title for decades within the video game industry. How is it that our very own bodies, naked and natural, are banned when beheading is totally fine??? Seriously, wtf. The very act that is essential for the continuation of our species however? Ban that entirely as people can’t deal with it. What fucking bullshit.

All of this tells me that the video game industry is ripe for disruption. People are way more liberal about sex than most would give credit for. The old days where porn was forbidden — is completely dead. And good riddance. Let’s have a video game that is great to play as a game while not being afraid to show sex. Hell, make it sexy and fun and the game will destroy so many redone and rehashed popular titles that it will surely win game of the year and transform the industry and how we play.

This is where we NEED Subverse and FOW to create an amazing product. We are all counting on FOW to completely disrupt the video game industry and let people know that its okay to include sex amongst computer generated chararters. I mean, do I really even need to say this in 2019?? FOW, we are counting on you! Hit this out of the park with a great script and writing, solid gameplay, a decent story line and some appealing sex — and the world of video games will expand enormously.

It is obvious that a small company crowd funding a video game can raise over $2M US in a few short weeks…that gamers themselves are wanting this. Hell yeah they are. And when they promise it won’t be pay to win too? Jeez, look out Epic. FOW is gonna shove those loot boxes up your ass in a way far more graphic than you ever imagined.

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