Being Forced to Cum

A handsome made the unfortunate mistake of giving up all his power to a horny group of 3 girls, thinking it would work out for him. He’d always been exceptionally horny and the thought of being the sex toy of these three lovely ladies instantly made him hard. So without hesitation, he responded to their online ad seeking a male toy to abuse for 3 days straight. To ensure he was the successful candidate, he added that, in addition to his photos showing off his handsome face and fit body, that he would also be willing to offer ‘generous financial compensation for their time.”

Being Forced to Cum 1

When the girls responded, they demanded that he agree to every one of their rules:

  1. He would cum for them as often as they requested. IF he didn’t cum quickly enough, he would be punished.
  2. He would drink 100% of their pee for the entire time.
  3. He would accept frequent and non-stop anal penetration.
  4. He would look at whatever porn they required, whenever they required, and masturbate to it.
  5. He would only pee when given permission and how they determined was appropriate.
  6. If need be, he would drink his own urine.
  7. He would not eat any food the entire time.
  8. He would wear any clothing they required without complaint.
  9. He would eat any asshole they presented to him, eagerly and trying to get his tongue as deep into each ass as possible.
  10. Dildos, clamps, floggers and any variety of sex toy could be used on him and he would accept this as part of his duties.

This all seemed perfectly agreeable to him so without second thought, he signed off on all of those. He did wonder why there was no mention of a ‘safe word’ but didn’t give it too much thought as there would be plenty of time to discuss such things when they met in person.

It was 4 days before they were to meet when he finally got confirmation that he had been the chosen candidate. He couldn’t help himself and immediately masturbated twice in excited anticipation.

The hours crept by slowly as he awaited all of his fantasies to be fulfilled. If only he had a clue as to what was in store for him.

[To Be Continued]

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