Being Forced to Cum Pt2

[Continued from Pt 1]

The day finally arrived and he showed up nervously at the girls house. He really had no idea if this was even real. I mean, 3 girls wanting to dominate him? How could he possibly be so lucky! Still, he parked a fair distance away and locked his wallet in the truck. He figured he was probably going to get robbed — but at the same time he just couldn’t take that chance of missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

He rang the bell, holding and shifted awkwardly as the seconds dragged on. He was ready to bolt off in a sprint to avoid the mugging when the door finally opened revealing a ridiculously hot blond wearing a bewilderingly hot little black dress. It was low cut and showed off her flat belly and cleavage in a way he’d only dreamed about.

Being Forced to Cum Pt2 1

“Get inside,” was all she said.

He wouldn’t dream of disobeying her.

As soon as he was in the door, the other 2 girls appeared. Methodically, they each worked to remove all of his clothing as quickly as possible.

“Have you guys don’t this before?” the helpless man asked.

The blond slapped him hard across the face and glared at him. Then she quickly turned and grabbed a large pink dildo off of the dining room table. Holding it up, she said, “This is what your mouth is for. Not talking. I am warning you, don’t speak again.”

He opened his mouth and she thrust the dildo deep in his mouth. As he gagged on it, the other two girls violently raked his naked flesh with their sharp nails. The pain caused him to gag harder and he found himself suddenly more fearful and afraid than turned on.

The blond thrust the dildo deeper and he gagged hard on it, causing a ton of saliva to drool from his chin as he recoiled away for the thick phallus in his throat.

All three girls acted in unison and pushed him up against the wall. Nails from 4 hands stung deeply and they pressed his skin harshly. The blonde looked at him like an evil prison guard at a Korean Gulag. “Do you want this down your throat?”

He panicked. She’d said not to speak. He didn’t want to refuse her but this had gone from 0 to 100 way too fast. He shook his head hesitantly. Her eyes widened in disbelief that he would refuse her.

“Tie him over that bench,” she commanded the other two girls.

He was forced to lay over a bench, on his stomach as the girls efficiently fastened his wrists and ankles to the long wooden bench. There was an opening at his crotch so his slipped through and was exposed to the open air below. As soon as this was completed, he was acutely aware that his ass was up in the air, exposed. The thing making him so keenly aware of this fact? A moistened finger playing with the outside of his asshole.

“Shave him,” she said definitively and left the room.

His head was swimming now. He was already naked and bound to a hard bench, with two girls squirting shaving cream all over his anus. His balls and cock were already shaved bare but he hadn’t thought to be so…complete.

As one girl spread him vulnerably, the razor made his ass as smooth as…a baby’s bottom? He was acutely aware that he had not even heard either of these girls speak a single syllable. And now they were treating him like an animal who need grooming.

He hated this. What had he gotten himself into? Was this a giant mistake? This is the first 10 minutes and I am here for 3 days?!?

And why in God’s name is my cock so fucking hard?

[To Be Continued]

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