Being Forced to Cum Pt3

[Continued from pt2]

The girls immediately put on a porn video on a huge television nearby. One of them pointed to the screen, indicating that he was to watch, while the other began stroking his cock with oil.

Being Forced to Cum Pt3 1

As she stroked him, he heard the footsteps of the mean blonde approaching from behind. She walked beside him and leaned over, placing a black silicone butt plug between his lips.

He looked up at her and she firmly slapped him across the face for his insubordination. She firmly pointed at the screen and his attention was once again on two beautiful young girls eagerly licking each other’s assholes on a high production valve porn video.

As he watched, the dark-haired girl attentively stroked his cock with deliciously smooth oil as her hands glided delightfully over his shaft. His level of arousal was immense and he knew he was very close to cumming. Being at the centre of attention for 3 hot girls was his deepest fantasy and he just couldn’t hold himself back any longer. An intense orgasm gripped him and he started to shoot cum out of his cock all over the oily hands of a girl he’d never spoken to!

As the orgasm subsided he started to buck his hips as his penis was far too sensitive to be stroked like that! She kept going so he involuntarily jerked more, letting her know that he couldn’t take it. It didn’t matter — she kept going. As he spasmed, her nails dug in a bit more and she used her other hand to grip his balls so he couldn’t get away.

Desperate, he tried to pull his cock straight up and out of her hands but he was tied down and her tightened grip and nails sent a painful message that he was going nowhere.

Then he felt the lubed butt plug being slide gently up his ass. He had just cum and so his arousal level was understandably minimal…and this is the time they try and get something up my ass? The oily hands continuted to relentlessly strock his cock, not letting him go soft while the butt plug continued its journey into his ass. Finally it reached the widest point, where the plug suddenly snapped deep into his ass as he clenched around the small base that snuggly kept it in place.

The blonde walked around to his head and stuck her ass-lubed fingers in his mouth. “I need you to swallow this, to make sure you are a good boy for us. It’s a Viagra to keep you hard.”

She pushed the pill into his mouth and he tried to swallow it.

“Oh, you need something to drink to help you swallow?”

She immediately squatted over his sideways turned face and placed her completely shaved pussy right above his mouth. There was a slight pause as she prepared to pee as the man realized in horror what was about to occur.

She pissed in his mouth and all over his head, soaking him in her piss. “Swallow as much as you can or I will find a much bigger toy to stretch your ass.”

He licked and swallowed the piss raining down on him – along with the Viagra pill while at the same time feeling like a demeaned little animal. He was actually drinking this woman’s piss whom he’d just met. It felt so nasty and dirty — but his cock sprung back to full hardness into the oily hands stroking him.

Being Forced to Cum Pt3 2

Yes, he felt very turned on serving this girl by drinking her piss. He was her toy to be abused.

[To be continued]


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