Being Forced to Cum pt4

[Continued from Part 3]

After swallowing all the pungent piss from the blonde, he felt so vulnerable and used just laying on his stomach, tied down to the wooden bench. The brunette continued to stroke his hard cock with her oil soaked hands, despite the fact that he had so recently ejaculated.

Being Forced to Cum pt4 1

The 3 girls were nowhere near finished with him and his cock knew it. He wondered how long it would take for the Viagra to effect him — as swallowing the pill with the piss had just happened and he’d never taken the drug before.

Suddenly his awareness was snapped back to his present reality as the blonde delivered a sharp slap across his face. “We all will be drinking a large glass of water every half hour for the foreseeable future. Well, you won’t. You will be drinking every single fucking drop of piss that all three of us piss into your mouth. I am going to get another glass of water, and she is going to fill your mouth with even more piss.”

The blonde walked off and the next girl straddled his face. He’d just drank a large amount of her piss and it was utterly humiliating to have to drink more piss from someone else so soon. She placed her lips on his, there was a second or two pause, and then the wet stream of piss entered his mouth. As he gagged and tried to swallow the flood that rapidly filled his mouth, the brunette really picked up the pace and stroked his cock much harder and faster.

“Drink all that piss down and then cum for me again, you fucking whore,” she demanded.

He did his best to swallow every drop, but there was too much and some dribbled down the side of his face and down his neck.

“You missed some!” she chastised and started thrusting the butt plug in his deeper in and out to draw attention to it while punishing him.

“This butt plug is going to stay in you till your ass has adjusted to its size. Then we are going to stick something bigger in there. This is all a part of your anal training, you little slut. You are going to have to take all of us in your ass, regularly. You are going to be our little strap-on princess.”

The thought of being used like this both horrified and turned him on more than he’d ever experienced before. Having his mouth used as urinal by 3 girls was one thing, having them use it over and over was another. But then to have them fuck his ass too? He wasn’t sure if he was in heaven or hell.

His cock, however, was more decided. It throbbed enthusiastically in the skilled, oil soaked hands of the attentive brunette. As a 2nd orgasm arouse with him, she played with the butt plug in his as and he shot a load out, feeling even more drained. One of the other girls came over and massaged his balls as he continued to cum for them.

“Good boy. Give us some more cum. This is our cum, not yours and we won’t permit you to be selfish and hold onto it.”

[To be continued]

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