Hot As Lava

Remember playing “The Floor is Lava”? Well didn’t you always dream that the girl you were fucking was as hot as lava?!? I did! I love this girl for her long straight black hair and kinky-as-fuck green latex catsuit. I think sure turned out quite well.

Hot As Lava 1

I definitely think green catsuits with high heeled shiny boots is the way to go. It is impossible to look at a girl like this and not be taken in by her lava hot sexual desires. Who can hold back from fucking such a hottie? If you can, well you are a wonderful monk who has attained enlightenment — overcoming all earthly desires and ascending to the higher planes of existence.

For the rest of us, we can merely submit to our base urges and accept that, if this girl asks us to fuck her — that we have no choice whatsoever.

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