Opera Gloves

Goethe’s Masterpiece “Faust”.  It was a high class affair withal the usual Bourgeois, complete with all the mandatory fashion accessories of the wealthy.  I was wearing my favorite leather pants with a loosely fitting Hawaiian shirt, I walked by a lady decked out in her finest furs, diamonds and lovely black satin opera gloves.  She looked at me and sniffed loudly to show her disapproval of my attire, I winked at her because I had been playing with my own type of opera gloves earlier that week to get me in the mood for Faust…

a red headed teen wearing a shiny black latex dress and sexy long black opera gloves

Definition (What Are Opera Gloves??)

Bondage Opera Gloves are a sleeve long glove that starts at the person’s shoulder and extends and covers the person’s arms and hands.  They have D-rings down the sides of the arms and usual one at the point of the hand for clipping carabiners or tying rope too.

Design and Physical Features Of Opera Gloves

Bondage Opera gloves come in several different designs and can be made from different materials.  The designs for the sleeve are pretty basic, they lace up to accommodate different arm sizes.  The gloves can end in three different ways 1)  With individual fingers like any normal glove this can lead to problems with trying to use D-rings at the end of the glove.  2)  With a pouch where the hand is constrained and can’t move or make a fist, this is quite easy to have a D-ring attached for securing the tip of the glove for bondage.   3) With a spherical plastic or metal container where the hand sits inside of it and the person can’t use their fingers. Bondage Opera Gloves are most commonly made with Leather however they can also be made from PVC.  

Uses Of Opera Gloves

Opera Gloves have many different uses.  They can be worn for fashion or aesthetic  purposes as part of a fetish or leather outfit.   Mostly they are used in both Sexual and Predicament Bondage.  The gloves provide the top with a means to easily control the bottoms/subs arms.  So that the arms can be tied together, over head, to a stationary object like a bedpost.  Opera Gloves are also very useful in assisting the top in complicated bondage ties such as the Box tie, where the palm of each hand it tied to the forearm of the other arm behind the sub’s back.  Also Opera gloves are very helpful when tying the arms of the sub together behind their back and creating an Elbow Harness. Putting the gloves on the sub: Lay the glove down on the table and have the sub place their arm into the glove pushing their hand all the way to the tip of the glove.  make sure that the hand is palm up and that the lace or buckles or snaps or whatever closes the glove is on the inside of the arm next to the body with the D-rings being on the outside for easy attachment.  Tighten the lace until it is fitted snugly around the arm making sure that it’s not too tight and will not cut off any circulation to the sub’s arm. Opera Gloves are not made for suspension play!  the D-rings will rip out if too much weight or pressure is put on them.


There are two main Safety concerns with opera Gloves.  The first one is the same with any piece of Bondage equipment; care Must be taken to ensure that the blood circulation of the sub is not compromised in anyway.  The second safety concern comes from when a subs arm’s are tied behind their back; you always have to be careful about over extending and hurting the Shoulder.  Too much pressure can cause injury to a person’s rotator cuff or even dislocate the shoulder entirely.  Also prolonged over head bondage can cause a disruption in blood flow to the hands if the person has low blood pressure.

DIY and Purchase options

Anyone with a little sewing experience and access to either leather of PVC as a raw material can make their own opera Gloves. As for Purchasing online a nice Pair of Leather Gloves can be purchased here.

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